Quote of the day (from non-riders)

Hi guys,
I’ve got a few from today’s ride along the prom.

Them -.'Hey, hey, a unicycle, a unicycle, omg, omg, hey, hey , 'etc
Me- ‘yup’

Them - ‘hey, you’re going to come off that thing eventually’
Me- ‘hope so’

Them- ‘Dad, how does she do that?’
Me- ‘with some difficulty’
Them- ‘I wasn’t asking you!’

Group of individuals I felt a little uneasy about…
Them-’ I’ve got a 20"’
Me- ’ I hope we’re talking unicycles!’

Turned out it was uni talk and the lad (very polite) had a go on my 26" freestyle.

funny really, cos I went out not expecting to see a soul and there were loads of people about :o

Hi Alucard!

Reads like a nice ride you hade there, great quotes.



Hiker this morning;

“Aren’t you on the internet?”

Me: “Well, not right now” :stuck_out_tongue:

Ped: “Is that hard?”
Me: “Not for me.”
Ped: “For you falling is the hard part.”
Me: “You’ve got it!” :roll_eyes: :smiley:

While riding my commute and doing a bit of urban Muni, I UPD’d in front of this store. The guy comes running out and after he makes sure I’m OK he say’s “What happened? Half your bike disapeared when you fell off.” Most original comment I’ve had in a loooooong time. :roll_eyes:

the oneupper

new Neighbours moved in across the street.
My 7yr old daughter had rode past on her 20" uni.

the new Kid about the same age says, “well I can ride a bike with NO WHEELS!”

:smiley: :roll_eyes:

Group of guys on b***s.
One of them asked ( with more than a hint of sarcasm )

‘’ So what do you do with your hands now?’’

Me - ‘’ Well, when I’ve learnt how to stop waving them about, they’ll be holding onto my ice creams’’:smiley:

Yesterday as I approached and went over a canal bridge there were a couple of people looking at the frozen water, and one said:
“You be careful…Or there’ll be big splash”

Luckily, there wasn’t a big splash , but it might have been more like a splat, with all the ice on the water… :roll_eyes:

That made me laugh out loud! :smiley:

riding in springbank park with a good friend and as we go by a guy he says "too bad you have to share a bike "

I was bombing it down a long section of smooth single track on my GUni, in high gear, when an mtber pulled up along side and said, “Wow, you’re going pretty fast, but I bet you’d be even faster if you had a gear on that!” I just smiled and said, “yeah”. :roll_eyes:

“That’s the best one! No gasoline, no nothing.” :sunglasses:

Was riding my Coker along a paved path that parallels a horse trail, accompanying my 11-year son on his go-cart (I’m his escort, of sorts). We usually see an occasional horse and once in a while something exotic like a miniature pony. Up ahead, I see 3 girls, about 13 years old or so crossing the main road, pulling a small llama, which was about 5 feet tall. It was one of those instances where you blink a few times to make sure what you are really seeing is real. Sure enough. A small llama.

I call out to my son, “Hey look! A llama!” My son yells “Llama! Llama!” Which in turn causes the girls to look over and shout “Unicycle! Unicycle!” and we responded “Llama! Llama!” and they yell back “Unicycle! Unicycle!” and the same exchanges continued a few more times.

While “Unicycle! Unicycle!” is not exactly an original quote, the whole exchange was quite amusing and memorable and we both departed with smiles on our face. They seemed as surprised and delighted by our sight as much as we were by theirs. (Small llamas are cute, BTW).

So funny! (Where’s the LOL smiley when you need it?)

Isn’t it this one: :smiley: ?

Best regards,
Sanne :wink:

The llama thing is great! :smiley:

A guy in his car started to laugh as he saw me riding on the sidewalk: “Hahaha! THOSE are hard, too; I know!” :smiley:

I think he was asking Harper.

Why should he do that?

Best regards,

Had them all today “thats clever” from runner, “Bloody marvellous” mountain biker and “incredible” from walker. I am generally so had it my response is only one of thanks, always think of the good reply a long time afterwards.

A mountain biker approaching on the trail, calling out my presence to the group of mountain bikers behind him: