Quote of the Day (from Fellow Riders)

Kenny, Joseph and I did some easy trail riding today, except for a few spots that were trickier, and had a great time. At the beginning of a steeper uphill with lots of loose stone:

David to Joseph: Hey Joseph, you go first. When you fall off, then I’ll see the spot to go around.

Joseph to David, as he takes off: Then I’m sorry to have to disappoint you…

… and he cleans the hill.

I haven’t been on a uni for over 3 months and today was “re-introduction” to Muni. Here’s my remark to David and Joseph after they cleered a technical section that I failed.

"Ya’ll make it look painfully easy, I just make it look painful":slight_smile: :roll_eyes:

Riding with Harper. I bailed from a skinny ‘strategicially’ at the last possible safe moment.


I missed the adventure again. :frowning: That’s ok. We have 8 kids visiting us from 2 states and tonight we took over the culdesac with unicycles, scooters and b*ikes swarming all about. It was grand fun.

Ive always wonded what harper was like in person?



The other day while Cokering, was riding past a driveway having a pickup truck backing out at me. I thought that if I stopped I’d end standing directly behind the vehicle and I was moving too slow to get past. So decided it was best to announce my presence, I said “Whoa!” loud and firm.

It worked, I was just surprised by my choice of words, like I telling a horse to stop. I never looked back at the driver to see his reaction. In hindsight, I could probably have just turned back to avoid things.

“It’s people like that who give unicyclists a bad name. And detract from our true purpose of being clowns.” - Richard Loxley, tongue firmly in cheek, upon watching Brendan perform a trials move in the car park after hockey.

“now that was dirty bird”

i was about to clear a huge 12 set … the guy i was riding with said “you can’t do that, its break your stuff massive”

i go to the top, give him the “you are my bioch” look, smirk, backpedal about 15 rotations and launch it, smooth landing… it was awesome… he tried to tell me i was stupid because i was going to break my unicycle… lol i don’t think KH’s really break… cept the rim …

You did a 12 set? nicccce :smiley:
Whats your biggest set?

Was it to sand like the 11 set though? If not we want a video.

Please? :smiley:

nope to cement
i don’t have a video… think about it though… i can sidehop the 11…

Playing hockey last night, upon watching a player go flying after trying to ride rather faster than he could handle in pursuit of the ball I heard the voice of @nickjb from the other end of the hall: “You lost a wheel.”

Never has that comment been more appropriate. :smiley: