Quidditch on unis

Its been a little while now since the BJC and the first (AFAIK) unicycle
quidditch game, sorry its taken so long but I’ve been a tad busy.

If you don’t know what quidditch is where have you been this last year, go
and read your Harry Potter books. Its a ball game played on broomsticks (
and now unis) by two seven a side teams using 4 balls and 6 goals. Goals
are worth 10 points and catching the golden snitch is worth a lot more .

For our game in Cardiff we had to improvise somewhat not having the
nesssesery magic quidditch ball set fifty foot high goals at our disposal.
So each team had two chasers armed with hockey sticks trying to score with
the quaffle ( a hockey ball) agaist our “goals” anywhere on the frame of a
football goal. The keepers were trying to block said goals with their
wheels only, we had 2 keepers per side as our numbers were a little over

The beaters had had the job of lobing bludgers (footballs) at any one they
fancied in an attempt to put them off. We had a few more beaters than
normal too, but then the pitch was HUGE. lastly the seekers, a player per
team mounted on a coker or giraffe ( we had only one of each avalible) who
had to try and catch the golden snitch ( a high bounce ball) when it was
released by the ref.

Are you with me so far? Any way our two teams had an enjoyable time ,
Hufflepuff ( in Yellow , thanks to some stewards vests) V Slytherin
(mostly black Ts). A very silly but enjoyable 40 minutes.

Next time to improve the game play it would be nice to use a smaller
pitch, have a third chaser per team, use heavyer basketballs as bludgers
and arm the beaters with rounders bats, have both seekers on giraffes and
use six boxes as goals.

I would like to claim this as the first unicycle quidditch game played
ever anywhere, does any one know of any others?


Euro-cycle 2001 20 - 22 July Plymouth UK A european unicycle convention