Quickest tire change yet

So in a string of bad luck in the last 3 days I’ve had 4 flat tires. All of them were on my Trials set up (Alex rim, Maxxis tire) normally it takes me a solid 20 min+ of wrestling the tire to get it off, get a patch on then beat it back into submission onto the rim. I guess with all the pratice I’ve been getting in the last few days I’ve gotten good at making the change. I just made the full swap between flat and ready to ride in just under 10 min. While that may not be record pace it still was a much welcome surprise for me as I was not looking forward to patching another flat today.

just think how fast you’ll fix it after the 5th one :astonished:

any tips? i tried to mount mine for about 30 mins today and gave up. the tire is so stiff it just doesn’t want to go onto the rim.

With the 05 kris holm rim and the Maxxis creepy crawler tire it is really easy to get on and off.
Just use as many tire levers you can find.

well with a luna tire on the alex dx rim it’s really tough. i’ve got 3 park tools plastic levers and i can get 80% of it on, then the sidewall is too stiff at the bead seat to fold and go on the rim. i honestly don’t know how i did it the first time.

You poor fella. So are you stuck in Iowa and unemployed and without a uni thats in a rideable state?

So you got that beast 80 percent on. Grab the tire at the opposite side of the wheel from the 20% and squeeze both sides together into the middle off the rim. Thatll buy you a little extra wiggle room. Then back to the 20% side of things…put a lever in one side of the 20% and crank it back so the tire doesnt start slipping off there when youre coming at it from the opposite side of the 20% with the other lever. While youre still holding that first lever in place, put a lever on the opposite side of the 20%. Crank lever number 2 back, slide it up an inch or two towards the first lever, crank it back again, repeat. Slow and steady and you got it in the bag. I know that last few inches is hard but you can do it. :slight_smile: Ive been through the ropes many a time with that tire rim combo.

If you can you really shouldnt use levers putting tires on, theres a chance you will catch the tube and be very disapointed when you try to inflate your ride.

The way I do it is keep the wheel still in the frame I’ll put the frame down between my legs sitting on my front porch. This is the time when you folks that are of age should crack open a nice cold root beer. Like Mango said get the tire on as much as you can. You want to try to have the tire sitting in the center of the rim to give you a bit more room. Then take the tire using both hands starting from the bottom and pull any excess to the top. With some tire rim combos this is all you need to get it on other times it still wont budge. For really tuff jobs I’ll bust out a bit of shampoo conditioner and a bit of water/spit (mildly soapy water mix). Lube up the part of the tire that you have yet to get on the rim on both the outside and inside bead. This should let the tire slide over the edge of the rim when you pull upward and squeeze a bit in.

The whole thing is way too complex but the shampoo trick works wonders. Before someone says that soap is bad to put on your rim, I know but it works and its worth the easy install that it makes.