quick video for friday night

Here is a quick video from last night. I had to pick up the kids so I gave up on the music! Enjoy riding this weekend!!!


Pretty cool! Keith is doing very well.
Kenny. great job on the skinny!

very nice ride good video


it makes me whant make my dad learn

That floor looks mega-slick. It would be fun to try some pirouettes on it. Nice video.

Very cool! You guys are tearing it up! I picked the wrong night to miss, I will be there next time.


Yes that floor is quite slick. I actually had my 28’r almost slipping out from under me on a few fast turns :smiley:

Looks like a great gym. Is that a wrestling mat in the center? Looks like it’s off limits for the unis. Thanks for sharing the vid.


It’s actually a place where they teach gymnastics, tumbling, cheerleading, etc. It also has trampolines and a pretty well equipped weight room. The mats are used for the previuosly mention activities, but there’s still plenty of room for us to play. The place is absolutely HUGE!!!

I learned my suicide mount on a gymnastics mat at a gym where my sister coaches gymnastics. It was a mat with the foam blocks under the plywood floor and covered with carpet. I added my leg and arm armor, wrist guards and a helmet. I felt invincible and confident! Since the suicide mount is mostly mental, I had no trouble learning it. I must admit that it still messes with my head a little on a hard floor when I have on no protective gear. :frowning:

Having an indoor facility is such a privelege for winter riding. Enjoy it folks!


Looks cool. I’m going to try and make it Sunday and next Thursday… but we’ll see :slight_smile: