Quick video for a cold & rainy day

We are building a new riding area, and last night was our first time to play around. What do you guys think?


Nice video. My favroite part is when you see the cheerleader to a b-flip in the background.

50 views, 1 reply… wow, I thought this would get better reviews. I better start riding better… anyone seen my training wheel?

I liked the rounded hump. Haven’t seen one of those in any of the trials vids. You had several rounded obtacles that were very pleasing to look at and I’m sure fun to ride.

Do you get to leave all that stuff set up all the time? Some of those platforms were pretty significant. I’d love to have some stuff like that to ride in the winter.


we have to move things around when we arent riding, but we timed it last night and can be set up in 10 minutes. We also have the use of the trampolines and other gym stuff too! Makes for a little more fun. The arch is alot of fun. We didnt set up everything last night, but we will next time. We plan on riding every couple of weeks, mixing it in with the other stuff, MUNI, urban, etc. I cant wait till the rest of the guys can play. We only had a few show up last night. The weather sucks right now, and almost everyone is sick!

I’m most impressed that you got Scott Wallis on film jumping off of things and not falling off. :smiley: Every time I’ve tried to get a photo of Scott riding I always manage to capture him in the midst of a UPD. :stuck_out_tongue:

It all turned out nicely Steve. :slight_smile:
Hopefully soon I’ll be able to join y’all.

WOW, it’s very seldom I get to see Scott UPD and I ride with him often, it must have something to do with your camera :smiley:

Most of us here ride MUni mostly and Scott even made a remark about how he’d have to get used to riding on “lumber” :wink:

Well I do have a sample size of only one photo from the CA Muni Weekend last year. Within that sample Scott had a 100% UPD rate. I suspect it was my camera. :slight_smile:

that was actually Scott doing the SLOW-MOTION ramp drop. Its always a pleasure to ride with Scott. Scott has really taught me alot about riding in the short time that I have been at it. He took my trustly UNI out for a spin last night, and gave it GREAT reviews(LOL). If anyone has seen Scotts’ UNI, its a work of art, and mine has bent cranks and a dead peddles. But what do you exptect when a 200LB plus guy rides on tapered cranks… I think I am very fortunate to ride with the group that I do. Everyone brings alot to the table with a pretty broad background in different sports.

If anyone has any other S.Wallis UPDs please forward them to me, and we will add them to our very limited collection!

the skater(gymnist) in the video was able to ride a UNI the second night for 30-50 ft. at a time… Watch out world, this kids good!

cool video, I thought the girl who did a backo in the background was cool, but she could do a fronto instead.


John Childs is correct. While every camera seems to have the power to knock me off my unicycle, his is 100% effective, with John Foss’s a close second at 92%. I have learned to accept this, and usually just dismount when I detect a camera in the area. The footage Steve got of me was a fluke.
And as Kenny said I find it very difficult to ride on man-made obstacles, but I am working on it.

By the way, dropping in slow motion is very difficult and I was happy that I pulled that one off so well.

Several of the guys in this group, like Steve, have only been riding for a few months and their progress is really impressive.
And Steve also gets extra credit for riding an unridable unicycle.

If you don’t mind I will just fade back into obscurity now.