quick tricks to learn on a torker?

what are the fastest tricks you people learned and how much could a torker cx withstand them? and also how long did it take you to learn the trick and what helped you learn it?
thanks to anyone who responds

One footing is always good. A CX should easily be able to put up with it unless they’re crappier than I thought. 1 footing toom me a while to learn, but that’s because I only practiced on the way to school.

there are pllenty of sites that have help with one footing, but the basic idea is that you get riding at a decent clip, then take your foot off the pedal. you’ll fall off, but eventually you will do a couple pedal strokes or something.


Going backwards. It’ll probably take about as long to learn to go backwards as forwards, but it is such an awesome thing when you learn it. It might not be a fast trick to learn, but for some reason of the three unicycles I tried to learn it on, the torker was the easiest by far.

Good Luck with the Tricks!