Quick Session

This is my video that I filmed and editted today.
I editted it with Sony Vegas 9

I wanna get good at editting…
got any ideas on what I could do to make the editting better?
song btw is WildCat-Ratatat

You should get an HD camera, for one thing. Render in the highest possible quality (or 720p at 60fps). Titles don’t need to be extravagant or flashy, but actually, in general, I think most people prefer that they actually be subtle, but still included. Personally, I think Raphael Poham does a perfect job with that, especially in Lorenz’s 2011 video. Simple cuts, fades, and crossfades are ideal in these types of videos, especially if you have double angles and stuff like that. Just try to be creative, but watch videos that people whose editing you like made and try to follow in their steps.

Nice video! I thought the editing was good. Playing around with some colour correction would definitely be a good idea. It’s easy and can make your videos look a lot better.

Eli: Thanks for the feedback. it helped alot. yes i’m getting a new camera within 2 monthes from now :stuck_out_tongue:

Unihopper: Thanks alot I will definitely mess with the color correction. I actually did a bit in the video just to make some of the colors brighter. loving your videos btw. (=

There’s no point in rendering at 60fps, it’ll just take twice the time, and youtube will cut it back down to 30fps.

One important thing to do that’s easy to miss is to set the right quality in the project properties. Set that to 1080p to have the best looking titles.