Quick release saddle?

Is there a way I can “quick-release” the KH fusion 09 seat so that it doesn’t get stolen if I ride my uni to class? Or is there a really cheap saddle that has this function I can use instead of the KH?

So you are afraid that while you’re in class someone will unbolt the 4 bolts under the saddle and take it? Why would someone do that?
To sell it? Who would even think a unicycle saddle would be worth taking?
To use it? The odds of another unicyclist being there at the same time as you seems pretty slim. That unicyclist also being a thief, having the tools, and feeling comfortable stealing right there seems astronomically improbable.
A personal attack? Are you expecting someone to do this to you?

When I was in school I used to ride my mountain bike to class. The seat wasn’t anything crazy good, but to avoid the hassle of any immature douche bags (also friends), I’d sometimes take the post and seat with me to class. That’s easy with a quick release post.

Can you use a quick release seat post clamp and take the post too?

Well, people’s bike seats get stolen all the time.

Are unicycle seats inherently harder to steal, and that’s why you guys are acting so baffled? If so, then I guess I don’t have to worry about it. But I thought bike seats and uni saddles were basically the same, and they were interchangeable.

They are not… just take a look at a bikesaddle and a look at a unicycle saddle… do they look the same? :wink:

Wow… no they’re not interchangeable. They’re shaped very differently and to attach to their posts differently.

Something is strange here.
Have you ridden a bicycle?
Have you ridden a unicycle?
I’m not being a jerk… it’s just that they’re so different. If you didn’t notice from looking at them, I’d think at least your crotch would notice.

When bike seats get stolen it’s usually because they have a quick release seat post. Instead of needing a wrench to loosen the seat bolt clamp there is a quick release lever. You pretty much pull the lever and pull the post and seat out as a unit.

If your uni doesn’t have a quick release seat post clamp, you shouldn’t have to worry about some douche bag stealing it just because he can.

It’s funny/sad how convenience turns people into criminals. Duct tape a stack of $100 bills to your uni when you go into class. Even your Ethics professor will snatch it if no one is looking. Take the same money and put it in a safe behind a locked door, and even if he knew about it he wouldn’t bother.


I don’t ride an expensive bike so I don’t understand why people would steal just a bike seat. Can anyone illuminate me on this one? (seriously)

As a kid I had a spate of snatching things just for the rush of getting away with it. One of my few regrets but such is the story of growing up.

When I was in college we had a group of guys that would pick up an entire bike rack with bikes attached, place it in the back of a truck and drive off. They were known to steal a lot of other stuff too. These guys were career criminals and would swipe just about anything just because it was there. We knew who was doing it but the police were having a hard time proving it. Really sweet talking, charismatic guys that would con their way into cutting lines at lunch. Hopefully they are cutting lines at a penitentiary somewhere now.

Same reason why people steal other stuff. It wasn’t nailed down. Just because you’ve never heard of a unicycle (or seat) being stolen doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen a lot in other locations…

I’ve had three unicycles stolen over the years (got two back), and one of my other unicycles had been a stolen unicycle in its past.

If you think somebody will have your seat away, put a quick release seat clamp on the unicycle and take the whole saddle and seatpost with you (but you’ll need a bag or something to cover the filthy end of the post).

But even then, if you think somebody would undo a normal (allen key type, non-qr) seatpost and take your seat, they’ll probably undo the bearing holders and take the frame as well. Most unicycle frames can’t be locked up, except the ones with double fork legs like Nimbus 36, Hunter etc, or I suppose a KH double crown. Then what about the pedals and cranks - all removable with simple tools. Depends how paranoid you are.

I think personally I’d be more worried about people just picking the whole thing up and walking off with it (which won’t happen if it’s locked, even just to the wheel) or generally vandalising it out of frustration that they can’t pick it up and walk off with it. Leave it in a visible place and that’s less likely to happen. And perhaps consider insuring it so you don’t lose out too much if some scroat does get their hands on it.