Quick release for a kh 24.

let me know where I can get a lightweight alloy/titanium/carbon or any light weight material quick release for the kh 24 that I am building.
send me links etc.

what size of quick release? 28.6?

thanks guys for helping me build the best unicycle ever.

joseph campbell

Salsa flip lock, very popular, think this one is the right size.

I would vote for the Hope seatpost clamp.

Quick question, since bike seatpost clamps appear to be measured by the seat tube OD instead of the seat post OD, what size clamp would be needed for a 27.2 seat post? Probably a 28.6?

And Joe, I found a better site: http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=2476

good idea, but I am afraid of that sharp point.

look at the xc-68 on this page.


safe and only 36grams… but I wonder how to order it???

the hope is 52 grams.

any other ideas guys?

Buy the clamp by the OD of the seat post

A 22 mm clamp for a 22 mm post etc.

Read my post carefully…

The bike seat post clamps I was looking at are measured by the OD of the seat tube, not the seat post, unlike the uni ones we are used to. Otherwise, I am aware of how to purchase seat post clamps for unis.

And Joe, the reason either the Salsa or the Hope QR clamps are good is because they don’t bend the bolt while tightening. Look at your current quick release…see how the bolt is bent? With excessive tightening and loosening, the bolt will eventually fatigue and break, not to mention less clamping power is available with this kind of setup.

The Salsa uses plastic washers, though, so I’ve heard it eventually wears out. The Hope, however, uses brass washers and won’t wear out.

That is why my choice is the Hope, even though it may be 20 more grams… :roll_eyes:

Edit: Oh yeah, and the Hope has no sharp points :slight_smile:

i’ll keep looking. if I cant find a safer one, it’ll be the hope.

Onelesscar is right. For a KH frame (the aluminum models for sure, and I suspect the old steel ones, too), the seatpost size is 27.2 mm. But the outer diameter of the frame’s seat tube is 31.8 mm. It fits either 31.8 or 32.0 seat clamps. I think that my Salsa is a 32.0, but the QR I put on my KH29 is a 31.8. Both fit fine.

Oh, and don’t go cheap if this is for a muni. The Salsa and Hope are the way to go–lots of cheap QRs won’t hold the seat solidly no matter how much you try to tighten them. My Salsa holds like a vice, and has never snagged my leg or shorts; the other one on the 29er, not nearly as well, although it’s pretty good. It’ll be replaced with a Hope soon. The weight penalty is negligible for a better QR. You’ll be frustrated, though, if your seat is twisting under you as you’re riding.

i have a hope on my dh bike it works great

any more suggestions?

Hope 31.8.

Have had one on my KH24 for the last 6 months, including riding Moab in March.

That old geezer guy (Terry) has one, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, you’re older than me…“I”? Lol! YEah I have the hope QR and it pwns the Salsa!


ok, looks like it be the hope!
thanks guys

if you have any better suggestions let me know
pm me.