quick relases.

yea, I’ve stripped 2 of the stock KH seat clamps, and I’m thinking of getting a quick release.I want one that will hald the seat tightly, be fairly easy to adjust, and preferably be fairly low profile/lightweight. I know alot of unicyclers use salsa quick releases. are these the best? are they worth the price? It’s for a KH 20 frame.


hehe, I just saw like 3 other threads about quick release seat clamps :slight_smile:

so should I get a salsa QR? or a different one?

Yeah isn’t it weird how several threads on the same topic sometimes pop up at the sam time? Freaky.

if you mean the bolt have been stripped you are probably using the wring size allen wrench. if you mean the seat twists compared to the frame you either aren’t getting it tight enough or it is not strong enough to hold it. if it is just not strong enough to hold it a quick release probably won’t be strong enough either.

Stock Kh clamps are just crappy, thats all.

Go buy a Koxx clamp, or any clamp really that will fit, and it will be better. Just dont go to a bike store and get the cheap and light clamps used for bikes. Those are jsut as bad as the ones you have broke, because they arent made to take as much stress and pressure as a uni will put on it.

Of the available quick release seatpost clamps the Salsa is one of the best, if not the best. It has a strong cam action that clamps hard. The clamp itself is designed to clamp evenly all the way around the seatpost. It’s good. One issue though is that the cam is metal on metal. You need to lubricate the cam regularly with grease otherwise it will wear away with use.

For trials or street a quick release clamp like the Salsa isn’t the best option. The quick release lever sticks out and could jab you (ouch) or just plain get in the way. For muni it hasn’t been an issue at all for me, but for trials and street it would be an issue. You’re better off with a low profile non-quickrelease clamp for street or trials.

The other issue is the size of the clamp. I believe the aluminum KH frames are 31.8mm, but I could be wrong. I don’t have an aluminum KH to check. The Salsa clamps come in 30.6mm (probably too small) and 32.0mm (might fit). It depends on the actual fit. There are other seatpost clamps that come in 31.8mm. The Surley Constrictor is a non-QR clamp that comes in 31.8mm. Looks good and it’s cool to support Surley. Lots of other options too for quality seatpost clamps that clamp tightly and aren’t built for weight-weenies. Salsa also makes a clamp called the Lip-Lock that is a non-QR version of their Flip-Lock.

I bought my salsa to fit my summit frame and that is 31.something mm and it fits and works perfectly on my kh alu frame also. If the clamp is slightly too big it will work, if its too small then, well you aren’t getting it on. I don’t think a few mm too big makes a difference since it is clamping anyway.

True. The seatpost clamps are designed to fit a range of frame sizes so exact fit to a fraction of a mm is not necessary.

ok. hmm, I think I might try a double bolt non quick release.

also, is there a place to get salsa clamps for less than $24?

You can sometimes find them on sale.
Alfred E Bike has good prices as does Universal Cycles.

Re: quick relases.

john_childs <john_childs@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> writes:

> mornish wrote:
>> also, is there a place to get salsa clamps for less than $24?
> You can sometimes find them on sale.
> ‘Alfred E Bike’ (http://aebike.com/page.cfm?PageID=30) has good prices
> as does ‘Universal Cycles’ (http://www.universalcycles.com).

Shipping charges of $8 or more will kill any savings on orders like
that. Check the bottom line and see if you aren’t better off just
ordering the part from your friendly local bike shop.


P.S. On the subject of low prices, I found new (2006) Aircorp pedals
http://www.beyondbikes.com for under $80.00. They usually sell for
about $100. That pair went on a bicycle - must be the pull of the
dark side…