Quick questions

I can put my bicycle rim onto my unicycle hub, right?
The only difference between a unicycle wheel set and a bicycle wheel set is the hub, right?
And one more, is there some way I can put a 36 spoke hub onto a 48 spoke rim, (for instance, install a few spokes and then skip some spoke holes) and if so, could you please explain?
I would really appreciate the help guys.

yestest, can’t help you with the spoking though.

Yes you can use a bike rim. As long as it isn’t a rear wheel specific rim (they’re designed for use in a dished wheel with different spoke lengths on each side of the wheel). Most rear wheels don’t have rear specific rims anyway.

Lacing 48 hole hub to 36 spoke rim is simple, just skip every 4th hole on the hub. So Qu-ax hub to 36 hole rim is possible.

However, lacing a 48 hole rim to 36 spoke hub might be a silly thing to do. You can probably do it, but it will be funny, you have to skip 1 hole then 2 hole then 1 hole then 2 holes. You’d end up with an unevenly laced wheel. The only way I can think of to do it evenly is to only use 24 spokes, and skip every 3rd hole on the rim. But presumably some part of this unicycle is a qu-ax muni rim or similar so you’re probably not wanting to reduce the wheel strength that much. Buy a 36 spoke rim instead, downhill bike rims aren’t super expensive, and are pretty easy to get hold of.


Thanks for the help, right now im desperate for a working unicycle. Im not too worried about the eveness of the spokes [at the time], basically i just want a working unicycle to bring to my florida vacation this june.

What parts do you already have?