quick question

whats that mount called where the uni is lying down and you kick the seat up between your legs? worked on it today for about a half hour, got pretty good at it. its my new favorite crowd pleaser! though i dont have a whole lot to choose from…

kick-up mount

a kick-up mount.

was that nescacary or however you spell it

just about as necessary as the post.:stuck_out_tongue:

a kick-up mount

Oh yea, it’s called a kick-up mount.:smiley: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

in case someone randomly skipped down to this post without reading the above,

that is called a kickup-mount.

yeah a kick-up mount:D

Flying inverted cobra strike


you mean a kick-up mount?

Wait wait wait I got it, it’s probablly a kick up mount!! :smiley:

Wow! You ought to combo that with a kick-up mount!

anyone got a video of this???




A kick up mount?

i think we should re-name the kick-up mount to that^^^