Quick question for a quick answer!!

OK, being quick, i need to rotate me cranks on em splines, hub/cranks is 07 KH.

Question is, what crank extractor should i get? a proper isis one or will anyone do?

thanks in advance


get a proper ISIS one

i got one for like 15 bucks, and it works on normal cranks too.

ok did you get it from a bike shop? i am pretty sure thats who’ll have em but just checking. so they will not stuff me spindle as someone else has with another extractor?

thanks for the help

i got mine from a bike shop, they were very nice about it.

yes, because it is an ISIS tool it is fat enough not to mash your threads.

very good, i will get one tomorow as i dont wanna stuff my rim over.

Thanks for the info


just bring your uni in?

make sure when rotating cranks that you dont have the valve or the seam where you will be jumping or landing.

Thats where he has them now, so he’s going to change them.

This recent batch of stuff on KH07 cranks makes me ask question, are the new ones not self extracting. The KH06 come off with just an allen key and can be changed easy that way, is this not so with these new ones?

they do not self extract.

The new ones are ISIS and tapered.

self extracting cranks!

They could strike at any time!

it opens up a new genre of unicycling.


mm the splines are tapered so when you do the centre bolt up it pushes em onto the taper (similar to square taper) got an isis extractor from the bike shop and it worked great.

yer thats the reason i rotated them, coz i was landing on the seam.

all good now

Glad to hear you fixed it up.

I just had my wheel rebuilt with the new kh rim and at the bike shop they did the same thing with the cranks and I had to explain to them why you don’t do that on unicycles, they thought it was pretty cool how different it is to set up a wheel though.