quick question before i buy it

Hey i am going to buy a new uni next week for street/trials. i cant seem to find the 07 dx though. mabe im wrong and it hasnt come out yet, in which case il probably just get the 06 one.
iv also been hearing alot about the Qu-Ax.

I would answer your question, but…there isn’t one.

lol…^^you’re right…what exactly is the question? The '07 DX has come out…but you can never be too sure which model you’ll end up with. I tried ordering the new one and got the old one. So i ordered the Qu-Ax…its well worth the money

I would probably suggest the qu-ax since the dx is so heavy

weight doesn’t matter. it will make you stronger.

sure. but the lighter it is the easier it is to jump up things. youll be stronger but not be able to do as much.

It would make him stronger, but he could ride slightly better on the Qu-Ax (might not be enough to really notice a difference though). Plus I find the DX seat uncomfortable (way better than the CX or LX though).

order a heavy uni, work with it for about 6 months. get as strong as an ox, or maybe even stronger. Then buy a lighter uni and (some crazy revealing word) you can jump up twice as much as if you had just gone with either option.

Note: this is just a theory and i have not yet applied it to a real life scenario

Works for me with a BMX.

Or just get the lighter uni and practice hopping up curbs or a box w/ ankle weights.

and just to be sure the dx will work for trials/street riding?

DX are perfect for those types of riding.

The DX really isn’t much heavier than the Qu-ax, if I’m not mistaken its less than half a pound.

Says Miles with a KH uni with magnesium pedals…


I was going to get a qu-ax.

part of it was a gift :sunglasses: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

If I had gotten a qu-ax I’d be stronger.

The weight of a uni hardly effects how high you can jump, but it does help alot for street were you manipulate the unicycle underneath you.

thanks, go trash my dreams of a higher jump when i get my KH.

lol i see nanna’s walking in the street with those on over there tracksuits