Quick question about PSI (Creepy Crawler)

Hey, I just got my first trials unicycle and I’m itching to get into some more advanced riding. I’ve read up in a few threads that I’ve searched for that the tire should be springy and let down to feel.

I have my tire on the lowest PSI reccomended (I’m not sure but I think it’s 35) and it isn’t exactly “squishy”. I’ve read that the Creepy Crawler tire has low quality side walls and do not want to risk damaging it in any way.

So, would it be safe to let the tire down below it’s reccomended amount?

Hey there,

I have a CC tyre on my trials uni and have currently benn running it at 24 psi and its perfect for me I only weight 50kg though. :roll_eyes:

How much do you weigh?

Btw what sort of uni did you get?

I think it should get squishier when you learn to land properly because if there’s not enough air and you land straight on you’ll hit your rim witch is a very disatisfiying feeling.
This is just my theory but it makes sense lol. So I’d run it harder till you learn to cushion your fall and absorb the impact with your body more than the tire

I weigh roughly 60kg. I got the Nimbus ISIS Trials with venture cranks, It’s such a nice ride by comparison :smiley: I love it!

Xyphota, I can do metre high drops and cushion my fall somewhat, I’m no pro but it feels better than when I was doing it on my cheap ebay uni. I had the PSI fairly low on my first run and did hit my rim on that drop. With the low pressure though I could definately feel an improvement with prehopping. I don’t get that anymore. Well, not as much.

I am 200 lbs and am running at about 25 psi. So far my biggest drop is only about 2 feet onto flat concrete and I have not hit the rim yet. With this pressure I get a pretty good bounce from compressing the tire before I hop.

i weigh 150 … used to run the tire at 26 or 28 psi … bottomed it out when i did a drop 6’ or higher… psi #'s could be a little low… its been a good while since i’ve ridden a CC.

im 70kg ish and i have it about 20psi when im doing technical stuff, and 25+ for normal

Thanks for the replies :smiley:

I was mostly just worried about popping the innertube or something, not quite the rim as I don’t really do drops higher than 1 metre. I’ll let the tire down a bit tomorrow and see how it feels.

Thanks again!

Once you start poping tubes go with an Mx Tube! They are much better then a bicycle tube at around the same price as one. i think unicycles use 16" Mx tubes.