Quick question about Nimbus Nightfox

Could someone tell me if the more expensive Nightfox comes with the actual brakes or do I have to pay the extra $154 to get the Magura disc brakes? The UDC description says disc hub and d-brake included but I am still confused about this.
Also, does anyone ride hilly terrains on a short crank 36er without brakes? I will do most of my riding on hills but I have strong legs and could possibly keep it under control without a brake.

Here is the UDC link for reference.

quick answer

Disk brakes always cost more on unis. High end unis have bosses to mount them, but you will pay extra to get them as an option on a new uni.

I would suggest riding the uni first without brakes. But I live in a flat place , so what do I know. None of my unis have brakes. If it has brake bosses, you can always buy the brake and mount it later.

No, the nightfox is not coming with a disc brake. It has “only” and disc brake socket (d-brake) and a disc brake hub (to put the disc on).

You can try it first without the brake, and if it’s not ok, buy any hydraulic brake + disc from any bike shop.

Hi there

I live in a very hilly place and I’m glad I bought my 36’ with brakes on it. I use 150mm on steep hills and swicth to 125mm when I reach the mainly flat area… KH double hole cranks are very handy if you live in a hilly place!

Thanks for the responses guys. I decided I will go ahead and get some brakes because I can’t avoid long steep hills in Boone, NC. I got bit the bullet and bought a Nightfox because I know I will be cruising on this bad boy for many years to come.

My brother lives in Boone, I’d consider brakes essential too maybe even a drag chute if you get on some of the roads heading down the mountain.


I bought mine with a d’brake and a set of spirits, then I rode it to a bike shop and asked nicely if there might be a spare brake setup laying around. (Like whatever was left when somebody upgraded their bike…) I ended up getting the whole deal for 10$ including a brake bleed. It works great by the way.

Fantastic! I wish my nearest LBS was that helpful…

There are a mess of shops in Bozeman, the ones that aren’t awesome don’t last long.

Might I be so bold as to inquire about your inseam height? I ask because the Oracle 36er comes standard with a brake. Don’t get me wrong. My kids love their NightFox but I would not suggest it if you are tall. I built it with a steel Oracle disc hub and a “The Todd” tire so I could try my hand at Coker MUni but found rubbing the frame with the back of my legs annoying whereas my kids never mentioned it. The new 2nd generation NightFox frame addresses the rubbing issue as well as shaves 2" off the minimum inseam requirement. Sounds like you might have already made your purchase so you might not be interested but my old frame is the review thread.

Sure, my inseam from crotch to bottom of shoes is only ~31 inches which is cutting is too close for anything besides the Nightfox. I wanted atleast a couple of inches to play with standing up for light offroading.
I will add on another topic of discussion to my thread here. Has anyone had trouble with new disc brakes (Magura in specific). Mine have a constant rubbing friction but I can’t tell if that is because they haven’t been bedded in yet. Or maybe they need to be loosened up between the rotor and the plates that make contact with it.