Quick Questain

About how long does it take to learn how to go backwards? (Also include how long it took you to go forwards incase its all relative.)

well, it took me about a week to learn how to ride as far as i wanted. i would say it took me also about a week of light - medium practicing to learn to go backwards. backwards is hard because its the reverse of everything you have learned so far(forwards), and its visually disorienting to not be able to see where youre going. looking back may help, but puts me off balance. i would say learn to idle well, then try to do one full revolution backwards, then two, then just keep going.

PSH! It took you a long time to go backward lol. A long time indeed. Oh the memories. Check PMs.

about 10 hrs for me


I kind of practiced backwards every once in a while, and got better very slowly. Just whenever I’m screwing around on my unicycle, I tried to go backwards. And eventually, I got better. Now I can go as far as I want.

I never practised it. Just by getting better unicycle balance I learned it automatically i guess. I learned seat out riding only after getting good at seta out hops.

Same here I got good at riding backwards by just getting better at other riding and some one asked me if I could ride backwards I tryed and did. Seat out hop helps so much with seat out ride which I can do now pretty well.


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