Quick pronunciation question

Tomarrow I am giving a speech about unicycling and I am going to include some info about MUni, which is something that I do not know too much about. But anyways, How would I say MUni? Would it be pernounced just as it is spelled? Or is it just one of those online abreviations that you dont say verbally?
Thanks alot

i have no idea… but i say myoonie but i have never heard anyone say it so i dont know…


“How would I say MUni?”

It’s pronounced " MOON-E "

( In-other-words, " UNI " with an " M " in front of it).

Short for Mountain Unicyling… :wink:

Good luck with your speech !

HA i knew someone else said ooni instead of yooni…


No, it’s pronounced myoonie. I’ve heard many, many people say it this way. Listen to Chase.

Awsome, thanks alot guys!

No, a Moonie is a carbon-based lifeform once plentiful in the airports of America, although its habitat has been shrinking since 9/11.

Try mew-knee.

while were are here how to do pronouned splined… is it like spine with an l or what…?


Tom wrote:
" No, a Moonie is a carbon-based lifeform once plentiful in the airports of America, although its habitat has been shrinking since 9/11. .Try mew-knee."

Ha ha…good one.

Maybe we should just change the name. :smiley:

yes. spline. Ends in “e” therefore long “i” sound. splined.


I’m down for:


-but then I also properly pronounce “I’m fine” (as opposed to “I-eeem fi-eeen”, like them yankees.) Hold the “i” a little long. Don’t put those eee’s in there (like saying cheese for the camera). Properly spoke, the phrase could drag on for up to 2 full seconds.

Being multi-dialectual, I understand accents from boston, chicago, the 'hood, the sticks. If you told me about your Moonie ride, I’d know what you meant.

It is pronounced “m-YOU-neee”. Period.

That’s how i always expected it to sound before i ever heard anyone say it. And it’s the only way i’ve ever heard it pronounced (by, say, 50 different people, many times).

It’s ‘uni’ (= “YOU-nee”) with a “m” on the front. Like ‘mule’ or ‘mute’, but put with a ‘knee’ sound (= “nee”) instead of the “le” or “te” sound.

“mu” + “nee”, or

I have always heard it prononced Moonie. All the people I know say it that way, but then again, most of those people say it that way because I say it that way, and I am supposed to know everything about unicycling (at least in some peoples coughMiniMUnicough think so)

I think that’s pretty well settled. If you’re not sure how to pronounce it, try buying a video or something. Offhand I don’t know for sure which ones mention it verbally other than Blood Sweat and Wheels, which I don’t think was ever on the market.

Here’s another one people like to hack: Miyata. Like “Iraq,” there is an American tendency to mis-pronounce the “i”. Here’s an easy way to deal with this. When in doubt, the letter i, in any language other than English, is almost never pronounced “eye.” It’s usually pronounced “eee.”


Okay? So it’s not “My-yatta” and it’s not “Eye-rack.”

Thank you for reading.

Then why does Harper pronouce it my-knee?
We’ll be doing a mew-knee ride and Harper will be saying “blah blah my-knee blah blah…”. Does Harper just not know how to pronouce muni?

Re: Quick pronunciation question

On Tue, 14 Jun 2005 11:54:04 -0500, “johnfoss” wrote:

>Blood Sweat and Wheels, which I
>don’t think was ever on the market.

Every mortal could at the time buy a copy through rsu. I’m proof.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“As with all great social movements, the origins of mountain unicycling are unclear. - Hannah Nordhaus (Los Angeles Times)”

Municipal without the cipal and make the I an eee


how do u pronounce coker?

is it cock-er
coke-er (like the drink with er on the end)

i am really hoping it is the second one, if i get one i don’t want to be telling someone i have been riding a big cock-er all weekend and i have really sore thighs:D

Coker follows standard rules of English pronunciation. It’s like the drink, not the spastic singer (Cocker).