Quick Muni Rim Question

Sorry to waste time/ space, and i “should” use the search function… etc… please don’t get mad… this post will pass quickly

I have a dialema (sp) Should i buy a 24" Sun ringle Doublewide Rims for $80? Or should i get a 24" Alex DX32 rim?

I hear the DW is stronger but how much will it matter if its built properly?

Is it really worth the extra $30?


you planning to use it for? I weight about 215 and have used a DX for the last 8 months. I have had no problems at all with consistant 3-4 foot drops.

to me the Sun d-o-u-b-l-e-w-i-d-e was worth the extra $30 bucks to me because my Alex rim came defective.

the alex is better at one thing in my mind,and thats only if your going to run a brake.it is slightly lighter but the Sun is much better made.

you need longer spokes when you use an Alex so dont get hung up on the weight issue,they come out the same in the end.

Muni… trials…the abusive style :slight_smile:

I weigh aboots 135

doesn’t the doublwide have a welded joint?

Alex all the way.

i think its pinned and welded,and the weld is done so nice its hard to even find it. :slight_smile:

the dbl.wide also has a rounded sidewall for pinch flat protection.

Re: Quick Muni Rim Question

I vote alex rims also. They rock. You might want to run a brake too… you
never know.