Quick Magura brake question

I’ve finally gotten to install the brakes after being 6 months out of action.

The Magura HS33 kit comes with extra stuff like the horseshoe shaped brake booster. The mounts that came with the brakes were not used either.

Does this look right? This is the ride side of the wheel. I have no idea which brake goes on the left or right.

Yep thats right, don’t need the other bits.

Which side they go on doesn’t matter.

As long as the brake pads aren’t touching the tyre when the lever is pulled, that’s set up fine. If you haven’t already, I recommend shortening the brake cable, as it could get snagged and snap otherwise. But yes, that setup is fine, and all the other parts supplied are to help fit the brakes on to a b*ke.

My question isn’t worth another thread, so I’ll piggyback yours a bit. I’ve got a problem trying to get the break lever off the seat. I suspect I’ll have to post a picture, they do say 1000 words, but the scenario is this:

The break mount is attached to the nose of the saddle via screws.
The break lever is attached to the break mount via screws.

The screws connecting the break mount to the saddle are blocked by the break lever and the break lever cannot be unscrewed because the screw heads are on the side that is closest to the saddle - making them impossible to get to. Makes me wonder how they even got the thing on… unless there’s some simple thing I’ve overlooked.

Crude mspaint:

There’s really only one screw out of 4 that’s blocked by the break lever. I’ll post a real picture when I get an opportunity. The only thing I can think of is to try to force slide the break lever up the break mount to gain access to the screw that holds the mount to the saddle nose.

I usually have my lever slightly loose to avoid damage, can you turn the brake lever to gain access to the bolt on it and remove the lever?

It’s fairly tight. No wiggle room at all. Here’s a pic of the offending corner.

Thanks for the confirmation guys. Got to shorten that brake cable!!
The hydraulic action is nice, but the rim isn’t even like a disc brake… I hope that uneveness won’t be too obvious while riding!!

Wow jbtilley, having spent hours trying to fix an ill fitting KH plate… I understand the nightmare you’re having!

It looks like a pretty tough bolt to tighten. How aggravating.
Although its a hack, you could drill out the lever body pinch bolt threads and install a hex head bolt and nut to clamp the lever on tube. Both fasteners could ba accessed with a couple of small open ended wrenches. I know, it’s far from elegant, but might work.

my brake handle is backward compared to the photo, in fact is’t ajusted to have no direct contact on the ground and I don’t tighten it to avoid any lever brakage in case of UPD

Those spare clamps and brake booster hoops sell pretty well on ebay BTW :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip! I never thought of selling them.
Ebay in Singapore is way less popular than in US or UK though. I will try selling them on local forums :slight_smile:

Ive got buckets (really) of the original Magura hardware, boosters and evolution mounts here and Im still searching for folks that acutally want them. I’ve put a lot of them in the scrap metal bin over the years.
Open to creative ideas . . boat anchors?, mobiles??.


That’s surprising. I’ve bought a couple of sets of used HS33s and got a fair amount back (more than I expected) from selling on the evo mounts and boosters. I think I got more than £10 for the last set of QR evo mounts I had (very used but cleaned up and functional). They’re really expensive new if somebody needs spares.

I suppose there aren’t so many users anymore since most mtbs went to discs and trials bikes mostly have 4-bolt mounts, but I’ve not had trouble selling the ones I’ve wanted to clear out in the last couple of years. Perhaps I’ve just been lucky though - I’ve only had a few sets, not the industrial quantities you deal with :slight_smile:


From what I have seen, the US bike market adopted discs as the dominant bike brake earlier than in the UK - so there are very few bikers familiar with rim brakes and even fewer riders using them today on this side of the Atlantic. In the US, the only buyers of hydro rim brakes are unicycles or trials bike riders and neither group uses the stock hardware - so it sits around. . . . and they are hateful mounts to work with, install and adjust . . . especially the first generation mounts with the silver elbows … . inspires heavy drinking.

If you want Magura evolution mounts for free: go to observed trials bike forum and nicely ask in the marketplace for them, guys will send you entire sets of evo mounts for the price of postage.

If your e-bay market is that strong for the Evo mounts . . . . . if anyone in the UK wants to buy a bucket of evolution mounts from me for cheap. . . . I’m game.

I have to agree with this. I wonder if it was put on so that it would move a bit, and over time it has settled into place so that it feels like it won’t budge. It seems like it had to move at some point.

To piggy back on what Brycer said, maybe instead of drilling it out you could grind a slot in the end of the bolt and use a small screwdriver from the back side.

I’m thinking they used dry ice to cool the break mount and a blowtorch to heat the brake lever. They pinged the break lever on with a rubber mallet and then let everything cool to room temperature.

Shhhh, you are giving all the really good brake lever mounting secrets away.

Perhaps you should try posting them on UK ebay (I’m being semi-serious, sold mine easily).

I use Magura rim brakes (HS66, drop levers) with evo mounts on my touring tandem, but I’m certainly in the minority now.