Quick, Help me make something to take my 26" muni on a plane.

I want to take My Muni on vacation, I have the box the uni came in, so I’m looking for recommendations on:

  1. how to modify the box to make only one round trip on a plane.

I want it to count as a piece of luggage, so I can modify the inside , but can’t make the box any bigger on the outside. " The maximum exterior dimension (length + width + height) of standard checked baggage is 62 inches "

It looks like I need to cut the box down by an inch.

Or, 2) what can I make in an hour that will work (out of duct tape, cardboard, plastic, whatever) that will protect the muni and satisfy the airline?

I read all the previous threads, in the past, but didn’t plan enough in advance to actually get something made.


Got some pool noodles handy? They can be used for padding and packing. Slit a piece down its length and it can be fitted over tubing for protection.

I checked a 29" on a domestic flight without any extra charge. I was over by more than one inch.

I think airlines tend to be less strict about dimensions when the luggage isn’t a solid rectangle. In other words, a loose unicycle (not recommended) is unlikely to get measured unless it’s a 36". Or a soft-sided bag, like the large duffel-things I use, which may sometimes be oversized, but don’t have big corners and are semi-soft.

I could be completely wrong but I remember reading airlines have special arrangements for sports equipment, whereby you are allowed to bring one piece or lump of sports equipment in addition to the standard baggage allowance. Also, sports equipment maximum dimensions are allowed to exceed those of regular check-in baggage. If this is correct, I think the reasoning behind it is that most passengers don’t bring any sports gear AND those who do tend to bring very light gear (usually not exceeding 15 kg), so the airline are usually able to squeeze those extra items at very little extra cost (fuel wise) whilst significantly enhancing the experience for their customers. It’s worth checking with the airline.

Get a large banjo case, put the uni in it, and if a security guard looks likely to challenge you, tell him he got a “purty mouth” and threaten make him squeal like a pig.