Quick Flair Needed

i might be riding in the 4th of july parade next week and i need some cool tricks that i can easily learn. so far i can hop, rolling jumps, seat in back, one foot, jump mount, and thats about it for show… so can anyone help me with some easy trick suggestions?


I dont know if you can do all these skills but here are some suggestions.

Seat in Front
Seat on stomach
Hopping in circles
seat in back extended
Rolling Mount

I’ve never rode in a parade before so my advice might not be the best.

One that the parade crowd always likes is the 180-spin-to-backwards-ride (or backwards-ride-to-180-spin-to-forwards-ride). Most of the gym-oriented skills aren’t very interesting to non-unicycling crowds, at least up until you get into standing on the crown.

Unfortunately most unicycle tricks take longer than a week to master:( . Other things to try are riding backward (it seems like it would be good in a parade if you knew frontspin/backspin), or maybe wheel walking (although the transitions are hard). The best thing you could do would be find someone in your area with a giraffe you could borrow, as it is no harder to ride, but looks really cool:)

u could try wheel walking, jumping on the tire, or just do random things on ur uni and random mounts and sometimes u can come up with something cool

i can do all but the seat in front, and if i tried hard enough i might be able to get backwards riding down by next week. I might be able to find a gariffe by then, but im not sure whose it would be :stuck_out_tongue: hey, i learned how to ride my unicycle in three days, and i know how to balence a little bit better now… so i might be able to get it down a little easier. wwing would be great for the parade, but i dont have time. i figure i can do the 180’s and if i dont get the backwards riding down i can jst do a 180, hop in place for a sec, then do a twist or something.

I would be glad to let you borrow my giraffe, except that it is really old (I think I need to replace the chain soon), and then there is the minor obstacle of it being a couple thousand miles away from where you are;)

New York, ehhh. I would go to this site…


And email David Stone and Dave Lowell. Theres apparently a mailing list for the New York Unicycle Club that I gave my email to. EMail them requesting an send out to everyone on the mailing list requesting a giraffe near rochester.


Re: Quick Flair Needed

a few fancy tricks are nice, basic hops and 180’s and riding backwards
is plenty. I would go for the comic approach and make it look like you
can’t ride, weaving wildly and flailing your arms around with lots of
“Whaarrrghhhhss” and “phewwwwws” aim for other parading type people for
added effect…

Jumping rope is a good skill to impress people with. All you have to do is jump rope and people will think you’re the best unicyclist ever.

Jumping rope is not difficult but will take some practice time. You may be able to get it solid enough before the 4th to be able to do it. Make sure you have a long enough rope. When you’re on the unicycle you’re taller and will need a longer jump rope than when you’re standing on the ground. I use a climbing rope that is about 11 or 12 feet long. That is much longer than I would use if I was standing on the ground instead of on a unicycle. Larger diameter climbing rope works well for jump rope.

You have to squeeze the saddle with your thighs while you jump. That will take some practice. It’s a little bit easier with jeans or pants that have a little bit of friction and grip.

The other thing to keep in mind is to make sure you hold your arms straight out to the side and not angled out in front of you. It is very tempting to have your arms too far in front of you when jumping rope on a unicycle and that just makes it much harder to get the rope cleanly under your wheel. Keep the arms out to the side or maybe even a little bit behind you.

Practice. If you don’t get it solid enough for the parade then don’t do it this year and save it for next year.

The hardest part is keeping the rope from getting tangled in your cranks.

And remember that in a parade you aren’t going to be in front of the same people for very long. They aren’t going to know what you did just a half block away. You can repeat your skills and no one is going to know or care.


The good thing about parades is that if you only have a handful of tricks (skills), a parade audience keeps changing as you roll along so you can do the same tricks over and over again.

I’ve studied the crowds a bit as we’ve ridden in parades. Usually, their eyes are on you for a minute or two but then they’re moving on to other parade entries to see what’s coming next.

The best parade routine I’ve seen is called “Crowd Interaction”, or simply having a great time and showing it. I tell our kids that doing a few tricks on a unicycle in the middle of the street is fun and very interesting to a spectator for a moment. But if you really want to make a show, go after that personal touch with the crowds. Make a spectacle of yourself, ride the sides of the streets, give high fives…or in this case, low fives, stop and talk for a moment, let some kid quickly try to ride then catch up with your parade spot again.

I think it was Tommy T. that taught me once to do a wild, seemingly out-of-control ride toward the side of the street then cut back at the last second (got to be a controlled rider with this though). I do things like ride up behind someone as they’re looking the other way and steal a hat off a head and ride with it for a moment or two before giving it back. One of my favorites is to ride up to some kid holding out my hand looking like I wanted to give a low five, then when the kid responded, I’d pull my hand back and say, “No, I want the candy.” The kids would laugh and the parents would love the interaction. I’ve seen empty chairs along the parade route, rode over and took a seat in the chair. Sometimes, I even get offered a drink or something by the family.

Lots of things to do to add inbetween your tricks. Have a great time.