"Quick-Clip":20" highjump SI no prehop.

This is triple wedding cake for most of you, but I guess for an old fart it’s not too bad lol! I had to even do it in my work clothes and couldn’t do more attempts as I was late for a tuning! But with all the threads about highjumps and stuff, I just felt compelled to go out and give it a try!

I made it 20" to the top, but then didn’t stay on when I jumped back down. Oh well, at least I know now that I can do it! It sure beats my previous best of 16". :smiley:

yay, good attempt

I cry foul, that doesn’t count, You have to stick and hold the landing. Your cabboose was off plane, hangin’ over the edge, so you didn’t make it.

Now that should buy me some time to catch up, I’m still at 16 too.

Keep us posted Terry.

Haha, I already conceded that I didn’t stay up long and didn’t stay on after dropping back down…I was the first to admit it lol!. I was rushed and in my work clothes lol! But the point I was trying to make was that I got up to, and cleared 20". I’m just was happy that I know I can do it now!:o:) :sunglasses:

i see that you are putting that new uni to good use.

Oh yeah lol! I just got back from 2 hours of practice at a local parks with rocks and cool stuff to play on. Editing now for a new vid. :slight_smile:

now that summer has started i should put out some new videos.

Definitely! It’s gonna be hotter than you know what, so try to ride either really early am, or after like 6pm; that will still give you nearly 2 1/2 hours of daylight.

That’s what I did today and just got back a while ago. Uploading my latest to youtube now. This will be my first ever full length viddy with only riding my trials. Yeah, I think I’m liking it!:smiley: