Quick brake question

Hey, real quick (and prolly dumb) brake question. I have a sidepull cable brake that I got with my 36er, and there seems to only be one ferrule. Is this a problem? I thought I may have dropped it, but the pic on UDC’s site seems to show only one as well. Would I be fine to just run the cable housing to the brake caliper?

Sorry, I’m not familiar with much bike stuff.


Pic: (you can see the one crimped ferrule on one end, but that’s it.)


Do cabled brake systems even need ferrules at the brake?

I’m confused…

My Coker directions said to slip the farrule over the brake end of cable after cutting to prevent cable fraying. It’s past the brake so it’s more cosmetic.

I’m talking a ferrule that goes over the cable housing. I’ve got the thing for over the cable itself…

You only need one.

If you have a barrel adjuster at the caliper you would want a ferrule to make it slide more easily in the adjuster. Also, if you have compressionless housing you need a ferrule on both ends to prevent the housing from coming apart.

Otherwise you could just file the ends of the housing flat, use a reamer to open the liner, and slide the cable in without ferrules.

Okay. I con’t believe the housing is compressionless. I can faintly see the little metal rings under the plastic.

I figured on having the ferrule at my brake lever, which does have a barrel adjuster.

Just for clarification (I don’t wanna screw up) here are some pics of where the housing will butt up with the caliper.

And I’m good to run it like this?

Thanks guys.

DSC01840 (800x600).jpg

DSC01843 (800x600).jpg

That looks good. The housing looks like standard wound casing. If you do want to use the adjuster on the caliper you can pull the housing up a bit to reduce the friction.

Whoot! Thanks very much!