Quick brake-lever mount question.

Does anyone know if the KH break lever mount (http://www.unicycle.com/brake-mount-for-kris-holm-style-seats.html) will work on a SW CF base with death grip hendle. If not, do you know if Scott still sell these types of mounts made for his saddles?


If your deathgrip is and seat base are drilled in the 4 bolt KH handle pattern it will work. If not you may have to get creative with a drill.

Edit: I would try to drill the brake mount instead of the saddle, Just to clarify. and judging by Corbins post you will have to do some modifications.

No, it won’t – the hole drill pattern is different for the death grip. You could probably redrill it. I’ve drilled plastic seat fronts to fit on the SW CF base where it used to have a death grip.

Yes, scott makes them, but they are expensive.


I looked at the pix on the Wallis Designs site, and it looks like you could make a mount similar to mine that would work.

If weight is an issue it would be easy, and probably cheap, to have one made out of aluminum, and welded. Mine is heavy, but solid. I’m in no hurry to replace it.