quick bike

Looks like someone became inspired from the creativity of some of our forum members:


The suspension looks familiar, eh?

Yeah, the suspension spokes.

But, what the hell?! That thing looks ridiculous.

And heavy.

They have been around for a couple of years now, and there’s even a review of one in Uni Magazine (issue 1 or 2 I think).

I rode one at last years BUC, and it is awful. it’s heavy, the handlebars and back wheel are a major distraction, it doesn’t turn well, you slide off the seat, and, well, don’t even get me started on the wheel itself…


yep i’ve riden one, infact probably the same one as spencer (was it mike penton’s?). Adjusting the shocks either makes them so stiff they are of no benefit, or so soft that it’s like riding in thick mud. Suprisingly hard to balance on one wheel too.

I would guess so. Surely there can’t be two people in the UK that bough one?


i’m not sure he even bought it, i think he got it as part payment for advertising or something (or was that the penny farthing?)

I thought he was just given it so he could review it in the magazine. Not sure though.

Talking of Penny Farthings, I saw one of the Qu-Ax ones locked up to a lamp post just around the corner to where I work in Soho 2 days ago. Not something that even a unicyclst sees every day!


Nice, we saw a larger penny farthing at the end of the last london trials day, by St. Paul’s. The old bloke riding it waved as he carved through the traffic.

I think everyone and their brother had a go of that at the last BUC.

I know I did.

It was mine, now passed on to a suitable home for misfit wheels I’ve still got the demonstration video which cuts out many times just before the rider falls off…