quick bad seat to good seat conversion.

So, i finaly did something about my seat situation. I took the best seat i
had for comfort, a very old schwin with a steal frame and rubber/foam cover
that slides on and off, no bumpers, and i added a handle.

quick instructions on building a similar handle (It came out really really
nice)(if your not interested, dont bother reading):

materials: 1 spare seat post, 1 cheap stem off of a road bike (must bend like
an elbow in an acute angle and have a space that can be tightened around the
seat post), a spare seat you are throwing away anyway, that you can take the
screws and bolts out off, you will problebly never see this seat again, OR a
set of 4 nuts and bolts that will fit to hold your spare seat post to the end
of your seat, extracting bolts from an old seat can be hard.

note: you will need some way of drilling and cutting metal, and a hack saw is
not the best option, it will take you a long long time.

  1. cut the spare seat post about an inch an a half from the bracket, where it
    normaly attaches to the seat.

  2. try tightening the stem/handle onto whats left of the seat post, as close
    to the bracket as you can, if it works, good, if the seat post is to small
    (as mine was)…
    2a) take the scrap end of the seat post, mark about an inch and a half up,
    cut through parallel to the stem the full inch and a half, then where the cut
    ends, cut off the rest of the seat post, so you are left with a small section
    of seatpost with a split down one side.
    2b) using pliers, screw drivers, whatever you have, pry the section open
    enough that it can fit tightly onto the braket side of the seat post, slide
    it up, and now test the stem over the post with the sleve, it should fit, if
    not…you on your own

  3. by whatever meens remove the cover from your frame in one piece, and so it
    can be put back on.

4)makr out 4 drill points beneith the holes in the braket, and drill the
holes. the bit should be the correct size for the screws you are using. the
holes should alow the braket to attach near the front of the seat, use your
judgement based on the size and shape of the stem you have. make it work.

5)aquire the 4 nuts and bolts by whatever meens nessisary. (i had to cut the
foam off of an old seat and hammer the bolts out)

  1. put your bolts in the holes you drilled, make sure there secure, and dont
    spin, i used a hammer, put your seat cover back on, and tighten the braket
    down on to the bolts.

7)attach the stem if you havent already, if you have, get on and try it,
adjusting the angle as needed. you may find you have to cut some length off
of the stem because it is hitting your thighs in a bad way.

and thats it. try it out. mine is the most solid handle i have ever used,
it has no flex, perfect grip, its out there in front so you can use it just
to rest your hand on, and its firm enough you can use it to turn sharply just
by yanking it over, i was never able to do this by holding on under the
bumpers, but i dont have much myata expierience. I highly recomend it if
you’re not happy with your seat. Of course, if its possible for you to go out
and buy a myata, do it, this is jsut a quick, cheap fix for an old saddle.

Trevor andersen

Re: quick bad seat to good seat conversion.

pictures, please.