Quick-advice for media interview TODAY!

Local reporter from newspaper (2nd in circulation to LA Times.) is arriving today in about 1 hour! I’ve made notes as to what to tell him about “extreme” unicycling; in particular, Muni. Should I mention the system of Levels, talk about kris holm, all the different types of unis and components, etc, etc??? There’s soooo much about this little-known unicycling specialty that I’m afraid I might leave something important out. Maybe I should just let him ask questions and just try my best to answer them. He says in addition to the in-home interview- with photographer present-he wants also to join me and the SB uni group this weekend so he can get some shots of us “in action!” I guess whatever I can’t answer in the home interview, the more experienced riders of the club can. Wish me luck, and if you all would like me to post the interview/photos when it’s published, let me know. Thanks all!:smiley:


Here is what will happen:

He/she, will have some questions already prepared. One will no doubt be, why do you Mountain unicycle? Try to be prepared for that one. They might ask you for terms that are used in the sport. Where do you ride, that stuff. They will want to see the MUni and ask you what makes it a MUni.

Be honest and tell them about that you are just starting out and that your excited about sharing the sport with him/her this weekend. If they are doing a story on MUni, then they will not doubt use the quotes from the other guys as well.

Mention Cal MUni weekend and MOab as organized get togethers. Moab is the biggest gathering in the country for MUNi. Get the dates, but you won’t need that immediately, just get it to them later.

Can you mention the LA MUNi website -http://MountainUnicyclingLA.com

It will go great. Wish I could be there.

How did you get someone to do a story on MUni?



dont for get to talk about the different styles of uni… STREET, trials, Muni and freestyle.

Hi Rod,

Thanks for the tips! I’ve done maybe, 12-15 newspaper interviews over the years, but it’s been a while, plus, as you say, I’m new to this sport. I basically called the paper, got through to the editor’s desk,and simply picthed the story. A reporter called saying he loved the idea, and it went from there.

you’ll be just fine.just keep calm and say waht you gotta say.

Good luck, do us proud.


Definitely post it here when you can. G’luck!

gets over the irony

i jsut had my first interview too dude. just got done with it. hes gonna use a shot of me doin a 360 unispinnnnnn probably for the story. should be good.

Very awsome Chosen! I just finished my interview and photo shoot. They took some stills of me & my unis, then just idling, then outside doing grabs, drops and stuff. Not alot of room or obstacles at my house, but it was ok. “part ll” of the story will be this weekend with SB uni club, so they can get action shots of us in the terrain. :stuck_out_tongue: