Hi, I’ve been riding for 2 and a bit years, and I’m just hoping for some answers from some people with a bit more experience…

I have recently upgraded from my original 16" starter to a new 20" (Nimbus Trials 19" ISIS) and my hop height seems to have doubled. Is this the wheel size, tire or just me?

Is it worth upgrading cranks, saddle etc. and getting brakes? If so which areas are worth upgrading first and with what?

Thanks in advance for your replies, Bob

The higher hop is likely due to a fatter tire and a tire with lower air pressure. Also, the hop will greatly improve as you pull the handle up with you harder to get those extra inches off of the ground. Cranks may be a good investment eventually but a seat shouldn’t be needed as the UDC gel saddle is nice. Brakes are similar. You should ride without them at least until you get more skilled or will be riding muni.

Thanks for the advice Mouse, know what you meen with the seat :slight_smile:

yep, its a great seat and I’ve ridden my gel saddle a few hundred miles training this past spring on my 36". What size cranks are you running?

I’m just using what came with it! Dont actually know what that is!

Okay. I was going for size there. Usually the longer the crank, the better for things like trials and street but its also personal preference. I use 145mm cranks on my 20" trials, 137mm cranks on my 24" mountain unicycle and 112mm (flat) or 125mm (hilly) cranks on my 36" road cycle. Its all about the leverage and “gearing” you get from each set. Too short and you’ll have a hard time keeping control. Too long and you’ll hit them on the ground if you lean slightly too far over.

For a 20" Unicycle, you don’t need brakes. They are quite useless…

From a full, almost uncontrollable speed, I can completely stop in just 1.5 wheel revolutions.

Hawo bob262, i agree with Borgschulze about not getting brakes unless you’re considering getting a KH 29 or coker + size. :smiley:


I have several uni’s, with the nimbus gel and the KH trials seat. It’s not a biggy, if you are short on cash, the nimbus gel is comfortable. The KH trials seat is as comfortable, it is much smaller, thinner, trim like. I haven’t weighed them, but for a trials uni, the KH trials seat is a bit better IMHO.
I don’t know what pedals came on your uni. I recommend trying plastic dimension pedals from A E Bike. These pedals are very strong, much lighter then the low end medal pedals, and less likely to cut you. You can’t go wrong for 10 $
I use 150$ DMR ti mag pedals on my muni, cause I have them, but I am using these pedals on my trials uni, cause they are as light, and less flesh rippy.
I have beat the crap out of these pedals, and I’m a heavy guy, no trouble yet.
I have also read good things about twisted PC plastic pedals. The heavy medal pedals that come stock on many trials unis, like on KH’s, are not near as cool as these 10 $ plastic pedals IMHO. You can shave off almost a pound off the wobbly
crank, and reduce injure potential. For 10 $:)


Thanks, whats the grip like on the plastic pedals?

If it came w/ 125 mm cranks, longer ones would be better for trials. You may break the seat base (replace w/ cf or double reinforce it) or the seatpost (replace w/ a CroMolly post or the reinforced aluminum, like on this uni). Pedal protectors will increase the life of the pedals and make UPD’s less noisy.

I bet great for flatland, but not too good when you start to pedal grab and grind though.

you can’t double reinforce the seat stiffener, they won’t line up on each other. i have done it a few different ways, but it all adds up to you need to drill one out and weld them together.

A lot depends how good you are

The grip is fine for me, in dry conditions. I really feel everything is easier with these 360 gr. pedals, as opposed to the 700 + gram snafus(with 70 gr pedal protect rubber), or the 730 gram JC’s. But I am a new rider. I’m still working on riding backwards, I can idle a minute with my left foot, hop up and ride across one pallet. Because it is super hot here, I ride without wearing my leg protection. So a big part of what I like about the above pedals is the flesh friendly nature, combined with extreme low weight and cost.
I would like to encourage everyone to try a set, just so you will know how 350 gram pedals feel. It may be true (I don’t know, I’m not there yet), that metal pinned pedals are essential for certain tricks, pedal grabs onto damp wood, or something. It costs about 150$ for a set of 350 gram metal pinned pedals, or 8 or 10 $ for the plastic equivalent. Dimension also makes a sharper toothed nylon pedal that I use on my 36. It’s 330 grams, grips well in the rain. But I’m a bit chicken, I like the smooth pedal for my beginner 20 ridding, because it grips ok for what I’m doing, and doesn’t rip flesh at all.:slight_smile:

those peddles arent any good for tricks unless you land perfectly evry time, they are fine for general riding and for that they are better because of the weight factor but for trics as you said definately get metal pinned

Ody. Pc is what I am running now. Awesome for grinds (I just started getting meh) They slide so smooth it is just staying on that them haha. The grip is great for street my feet haven’t slipped off becasue lack of grip yet. Over all they are light good for grinds awesome grip(Not as much as a trials pedal, but just the right amount) so I say for 10$ pick up a pair.