I couldn’t find a thread like this so i decided to start one. Basically this thread is for questions that you don’t think need a whole thread. So just post your question and hopefully somebody will give you an answer. :slight_smile:

It’ll never work :stuck_out_tongue:

but, I’ll give it a go:

I don’t want to spend much money, but I want a good unicycle, what’s a good unicycle for me?

Is there a unicycle that makes it easier to learn?

I’m good at ‘X’ sport, so how long will it take me learn how to unicycle?

What’s the best wheel size?

How often should I use the bathroom when I unicycle?

Is there any such thing as a silly/dumb question?

Should I shave before a date?

Depending on where you live, a Qu-Ax QX series uni is a great uni for any level rider. For less money though, search “unicycle” on They have Koxx-One unicycles for like 200+. As for size, I’m all for 20 or 24. 20 for trials or street, 24 for muni. Your call on what you think you’ll be into. Naw all unicycles will be about the same to learn on if it fits you. (ie not like a 14in.) It will take you as long or short as you choose. Practice non-stop and you’ll have it down in a month or less. Use the bathroom… when you have to…? Yes there is! The second to last one made no sence to me! :wink: Shave unless you can rock a “rugged” look. I can’t.

I meant, should I shave my unicycle-abs. And if so, how do I know how far down to shave?

MR works for random questions, it’s not as active as it used to be but you won’t have to go back 3 pages to see if anyone answered your question in the last hour any more.

So I have your consent to go while I’m riding?

I wonder if that cause any irritation…which brings up a question:

Are there any seat covers that are resistant to stinky stuff?

And my number one dilemna, I’ve been riding for four years, but my wife stil thinks unicycling is silly. Do you think that’s normal? Do I need a divorce or does she need a frintal lobotomy? The lobotomy is cheaper, in fact I could probably do one at home…

Hey Nurse Ben I Saw this and thought of you. :astonished:

Alucard :smiley:


Yes, quite useful, messy but quick :slight_smile:

I think that’s a “tree surgeon”.

So why is a witch like a duck?

They both float because witches are made of wood…burn 'er!!

Hey Eric, dumb question, but what do you mean by MR?

MR= most reply

It will work just fine, we simply to create a companion thread with “Answers”. :roll_eyes:

What do you call a nosy pepper?

Jalapeño business.

how many flats will i get in a life time?