questions on the dyno fireball 24"x3.0

I think I am going to get a Dyno Fireball tire for my muni. I hear it makes a great trials tire, am I right or wrong. And does it work any good on the trails? :thinking:

The FireBall is a great trials tire. It also makes a great Ultimate Wheel tire, but I’ve never used it off road.



does anyone lese ride a dyno fireball?

I did, until I got a Mod uni. It was great for trials, stuck to anything, as long as it wasnt wet. if it was, it only really slipped on smooth marble. I never really tried it off road, but I would imagine as long as it’s not too wet it should be fine.

I ride trails on the fireball every now and then. I like it for cross country bridlepath riding rather than hardcore muni. On dry trails it’s fine, the huge volume makes for a very soft ride, and with it being slick it’s very smooth and quiet. Having a square profile it gets a bit tricky riding along a slope, but then I normally ride with a Halo Contra which is good at this so that might not be anything unusual.

It’s when it gets slimy that you’ll want your knobbles… it is good at rolling over mud and puddles but the minute you have to do it while going up or down a hill it just slips out from under you.

The best thing about doing trials (not trails) on a fireball is that every now and then it makes a little “squeak!” noise when you land something. It makes you feel hardcore… :slight_smile:


Good tire, awesome for trials.

i have a 3.0 fireball. i’ve ridden it on rough trails and it does well until traction becomes an issue - like riding up something steep. i also find that the side wall is thin and folds more quickly than the gazz when hopping or pecking.

i switch to the fireball only when i think i’ll be riding a lot of road. i prefer the gazz for both trials and trails. but sometimes the fireball gets left on the uni and i end up using it for trials and trails.

when my gazz goes bald, i think i’ll use it for my road tire and buy another gazz for off-road. the gazz seems easier to ride than the fireball in any case, maybe due to the square profile of the fireball.


I love the fireball (its the same exact one in Mojoes pic) for trials. The little chirping is awesome, and if you run it at the proper pressure, it allows you to get good compression while still being hard enough to ride singletrack with less than half the tire on the track or peck up very steep surfaces.

For trails it is good so long as you keep it fairly dry. If it gets wet it tends to slip because of the lack of knobs. This problem isn’t very bad unless torquing up or down things, in which case the tire may break loose. But it is otherwise nice, as it can be ran at low pressure allowing you to roll over anything.

Edit: I also like it better than the gazz for trials because it is square (meaning you either get a hieght or don’t as it doesn’t roll off the edges of things) and the compound is perfect. It is very grippy but doesn’t seem to wear. I don’t know what Joe put it through before me, but mines as good as new.