Questions on Rim Painting

Hey, I’m going paint my rim on my trials uni at some point. I was wondering on a few things.

note i am NOT going to remove my hub/spokes from it, and probably just tape over my tire and stufff, i WILL remove my cranks though, cause thats easy.

  1. What type of paint should i use?

  2. Should i remove the previous Black paint on my rim? and if so, how should i go about that?

  3. How many cotes of paint shall i put on my rim?

edit: im planning on painting my rim yellow, to match my saddle and hub

Bump… yeah… I think im gonna put this project off for a bit, but it’d still be good to know

painting a rim adds too much weight.
tee hee

It may not be painted black, but anodised. I’m in thought that, thats harder to remove.

if the current paint is stable then rubbing it down to a matt finish will suffice. If it’s flaked/dmaged/rusty then cleaning the rim back to bare metal would be better. If you leave the old paint on, then a layer or two of undercoat and then some car body paint will work well. If you strip it bare you’ll need a layer of primer first. A clearcoat over the top will make the job last longer.

Heres a question.

Do I paint right over the eyelets of the rim, or should I tape those off?

depends, do you want painted eyelets?

But more seriously, eyelets are often bare metal, and therefore will need priming if you want to spray them. Personally I would mask them off.