Questions on changing out KH zero saddle

I’m not adjusting to the KH26 and I think it’s due to the zero saddle. I’ve only been riding a unicycle since January and started on a club 24. The other day I was able to ride about 2 miles without any UPDs on the 24. When I ride the KH on the same 2 miles I can go about 100 yards then have an UPD. It might all be due to my lack of skill.
What would be the cheapest and easiest way to try a different seat on the KH? Can I get a seat post that will fit the KH and the seat from my club 24?
Or is the something else that might fit the pivotal seat post that is on the KH?

Unfortunately, there is only one unicycle saddle with a pivotal interface and it is the KH zero.

  • You can buy BMX saddles with a pivotal interface but it won't be useful on a unicycle. And the only other solution to re-use your pivotal post with a regular unicycle, you would need a Nimbus Shadow base but it is expensive.
  • The cheapest would be to buy a basic seatpost and a basic saddle (not sure if the cheapest money can buy will be the comfiest...).
  • The safest would be to sell your current KH Zero and seatpost and buy an adjustable one with a comfy saddle.

Another easy and free thing you can do is make sure that your saddle is properly setup (use the muni setting):

When I tried one the first time, it was improperly setup and I gave up after 1 hour because of the discomfort and the lack of control. Then after checking the manual and going for the muni setting, it was much more easier to control (still different from a regular saddle but manageable).


My guni26 is my 5th unicycle and the only one that came with the zero saddle.
I simply didn’t like it at all, not only I found it not comfortable at all but also I didn’t have any lateral control with it when I was not holding the handlebar.
I sold it and put a kh freeride and enjoyed this unicycle.

Maybe zero saddle is not for you and if it is the case it is worth it to sell it or exchange it with another saddle+ seatpost.

Hi Djphelan01

If you only have been uniccyling since January I would also struggle with the KH 26 Muni. The Zero seat is really good once you get used to it. As you are still quite new to unicycling you might find that the Zero doesn’t keep ‘glued’ to the seat like a Banana shape seat does, therefore you might feel a bit less in control. I would say Siddhartha advise is spot on.

I would add: if you don’t like it right now and you feel it is not for you replace it but don’t sell it. I think later on when you are more confident with your KH 26 Muni you might learn to love it :slight_smile:

UDC-uk have the KH street saddle on offer, at a similar price to the club saddle.
I called into the warehouse/office to buy mine yesterday (Thanks Roger)
The price drop should cover the international postage costs (and any import charge at customs).

You will also need a wide 27.2 seat post with a standard fitting (£17 for the lightweight KH version).

Thanks for the replies. Can I just buy a standard 27.2 seat post and put my club saddle on it? That might let me know if its just my lack of skill or if it’s the seat. I don’t plan on selling the seat since I do realize I may prefer it down the road when I get better. Are most seat mounts a standard type other than the KH pivotal one? If I buy a new seat post can I pretty much choose any saddle other than the zero? Or are the different brands of saddles require specific types of mounts?

Thanks I did go to that site and had it set up. I actually tried it in a bunch of settings and found their recommendation was the best for me, but still not doing too good with it.

A standard 4-hole seat post will work (not Miyata)
Or a shim if you want to drop your club seat and 25.4mm post into the 27.2mm frame for a short term test.

90% of saddles use the same post as your club. Basically all the good ones with the exception of the Zero.

Get a cheap seat post, or as suggested a shim to reduce the diameter of the frame so you can you the seat post you already have.

And then in a few months you can decide if you invest in a more classic saddle.

Well I ordered a new seat post and I’m going to try the club saddle on the KH. If it works I might buy another new saddle .

That should give you a good enough idea. I find my Club saddle to be a bit hard compared to my Velo saddle (it hurts my sit bones after a bunch of miles), but the curve is a bit less extreme.

I did order the KH street saddle from UDC UK. It came to $37 usd before any import charges. Hopefully those won’t be too much.

I got my new seat post today. I put the club saddle on the KH and night and day difference for me from the zero saddle. Now just have to wait for the new KH saddle from UDC UK.