Questions Mounting KH saddle on Radial frame

My Radial 360 has a cobbed together, not-that-comfy, rebuilt seat on an LX seat base/post. The LX base is a bit shorter than the KH and I want a better setup for long road trips.

In comes this 2007 KH seat with the comfy-looking taint-relief groove! Psyche!

So I got one. Today. Here’s my problem. I need a 25.4mm KH-compatible seatpost, but I don’t think I have room for the KH adapter (my seat is very low as I’m 5’6").

Here’s a pic of the underside and you can see the seat clamp above the stoker bar, and right under the seat. I don’t see a way, with the current 150mm cranks, that I could fit the KH adapter under there and still pedal comfortably.

Any Ideas?




1: get shorter cranks, 140mm?

2: cut down foam(ewww)

3: there has to be another option but I don’t know it.

Just order this one linked below and if your uni is a radial 360 it should have the 1" seat post
This post will fit the KH seat bolt pattern

id get a gb4 but im not sure how that would affect the brake mount.
I think mornish replied before reading the thread.

Wasnt there something about the new KH seats doing away with the need for rail adapters? i assumed this would mean that the bottom of the new bases looks more like the Wallis direct-connect bases. Which would also mean that old “standard” style seatposts would not work with them.

Im just thinking out loud here without knowing the full story on the new KH stuff. Please correct me if im wrong. :o

I think that those new things bolt to the seat and take the place of the normal post so you can use either. I am not completely sure because I didn’t look at it closely but I think the whole thing just bolted on to the normal 4 bolt mount.

Doh! I guess I should have read that in the KH seat description on UDC. So, as it says, “standard seat post with 4-bolt rectangular pillar bracket” will work here.