Questions: cranks, drilling, rolling hopping...etc.

Hi guys.

sorry for the terrible thread title but i have quite a few questions and didnt wanna start like 4 or different threads in 4 different sections :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are my questions :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. How do you drill moments? (like what kind of peice on the drill did you use?)

  2. do you need a crank puller to remove rollos disks?

  3. what is a good way to make my saddle super thin? (and keep the saddle cover on tightly?)

I may be traveling down south to the carribean this summer. my parents said i may be allowed to bring my trials uni. this is different because lately i have hardly touched it and have been riding my 24" street uni, but they said we’d have no room for the bigger wheel…
for riding trials and street down there i’d like to improve my rolling hops (up) as i am a more seat in rider for trials now (because of my street riding). i got my rolling hop to about 50/55cm consistant. what are some ways to get my hops higher? i practice around 1-3 hours a day.

  1. A drill bit made for metal.
  2. You don’t need a crank pulled for rollos, sometimes just a flat screwdriver or something else you can get leverage with.(its always a good idea to have a crank pulled for when you need it though)
  3. You can add a cord, or shoelace, to the seat pretty easily… if you do a search you can probably find a how to pretty quick, too much work on my smartphone to do for you… but it makes it so you can just tighten the lace and get it as tight as possible… to thin your seat you can shave down your foam, unless that is pretty thin already, than you can get a carbon fiber seat base, and that will thin it up even more. Some seats are thinner than others with a stock base too, so depending on your seat you could just get a new seat that is thinner…

I just finnished modding my seat. much better thank you (looks terrible though :stuck_out_tongue: ). but i dont understand what you mean by removing rollos with flat screw driver…do you mean like use it like a crowbar and pull them off, or like twist the screw out and remove them.

Once you remove the crank bolt the rollo should just fall out. If they don’t you can pry on them with a screwdriver until they pop off.

One tip if you ever want to do it again with another seat. Remove from under the foam! I’ve done that with my seat, now it’s super thin and it looks good, I’m still not done with it, I want to make it like a Naomi :stuck_out_tongue:

Smart taking it from the bottom…

Drilling big holes

If you want to drill large holes neatly, my experience is to drill a few progressively larger holes. Going straight for the big drill bit will result in holes that aren’t quite where you wanted them and possibly less straight.

Use lots of drilling oil

With a milling machine and a good end mill. I usually use a 1/2" diameter one.