Questions and (hopefully) Answers

:thinking: Hey i have a few questions about some tricks and skills. I was wondering if any body could tell me the secret to riding with the stomach on the seat. I have been practicing it forever but i cant get it. i either end up falling or bruising my legs. also, what about riding with the seat out in front and hopping with it in front? and could anybody tell me tips or how to hop a distance (a few feet or something like that)? :thinking:

When you are practicing stomach on seat practice bending down just a little and then once you can bend down a little try a little bit more until you got it. When you do hopping seat in front put your feet on the cranks (this trick is just a matter of practice).

Hope That Helps

put more weight in the seat.

We could, but we’ve already told lots of other people the same tips.

Why don’t you search for “seat on stomach” or “seat in front”? I guarantee with a little work you’ll find dozens of threads full of tips and even some videos.

We could, who do you speak for when you say we?

who do you speak for when you say we?

I learnt stomach on seat by holding onto a wall to start. Getting from normal riding into riding stomach on seat is the hard part, you can learn that after you’re used to riding with your stomach.

You have to be bent right down over the seat. You can stick out your arms for a bit of balance once your tummy is holding the seat in place. I think it is easier with a high-ish seat, not a really low seat like people have on trials unicycles.

It is one of those things that just clicks and then suddenly it is dead easy. Way easier than riding seat out front.


ok thanks