Questions about Vancouver Island MUni weekend

I haven’t seen any recent info on the Vancouver Island MUni weekend and I haven’t heard from Dylan after sending him e-mail. Any further info?

Harper wrote:
“What ferry do you recommend taking? Which one is least likely to require reservations? The Comox-Powell River run looks like it’s the most convenient.”

Harper, I’m not yet sure if I can go to Black Creek (relatives in town), so subsequently, I can’t answer most of your questions, but I CAN comment on the ferries.

The easiest way to get over to Black Creek from Seattle via BC is probably to take the Tsawwassen-Duke Point ferry to Nanaimo and drive up to Courtney. This is a somewhat boring two hour ferry that runs straight up Georgia Strait, but it gets you there. There is also a ferry from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver that runs to Departure Bay in Nanaimo, but it tends to be packed with traffic out of Vancouver, particularly on Fridays and Sundays (and you have to get THROUGH Vancouver to get to it). Schedules are at

If you are touring, the Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay ferry takes you near Victoria, which is ~2 hours south of Nanaimo by car (but a nice ride through Active Pass). There are also a few ferries that go from Washington to Victoria, but I am not familiar with these runs.

If you are travelling on Friday or Sunday in a rush, you might want to consider a reservation (unless you are going early in the morning). There are frequently two or three sailing waits to Vancouver Island on Friday and Sunday afternoon and evenings. Reservations for a sailing are $15 CAD, and you have to be there at least 30 minutes before the sailing (or you move to the back of the line - ouch). I think you can make reservations up to 2.5 hours before the sailing. You can also check the website to see if a ferry is already fully reserved…this is often a sign of a popular sailing To book by phone, call toll-free in BC: 1-888-223-3779, or in Victoria, or long distance from outside BC, call (250) 386-3431.

If you are going up the Sunshine Coast, you require THREE ferries to get to Comox: Horseshoe Bay - Langdale, Earls Cove - Saltery Bay, Powell River - Comox. If you want to tour the Sunshine Coast AND Vancouver Island, this is a good way to do it. There is a discount fare available if you do this circle route:

Hope this helps. If you are going through Vancouver and want to go for a ride, let us know! (Erin will be back by then too, but I’m not sure if she is going to the muni weekend or not).

Enjoy your trip!

Having never driven into/around Canada before, is anyone interested in carpooling/caravaning from the Seattle area? I was thinking of leaving early Friday morning…


I would add a comment that many people like to use the Coho ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria. If you don’t want to go through Vancouver, this might be simpler for you.

Unfortunately, I will be at a wedding in Nanaimo that weekend, so I don’t see being able to make it. On the plus side, I will be able to ride all around the 10 acre property that we will be camping at for the week after.:smiley:

Andrea, Mandell-

Thanks for the complete and extremely useful information. I won’t try a crackpot scheme like ferrying over from the Sunshine Coast.


John Childs and I are both going. We may go separately because John may want to stay longer. When our plans start to gel we will include you in our inevitable flurry of e-mails. Somehow you should be able to share a ride out of this.


A map, addresses, directions, and meeting times are forthcoming I presume?

Greg, I’m just checking to see if the ride back to seatle was a possible option with you on the 24th. I need to be at the airport by 10:30pm or so. I’ll have with me a large bag, and 2 uni’s.


Also I need some spacers for a profile axle if anyone has some extra’s and is planning on going to the event.


In case anyone missed it, see more information from Lauren in the thread:

Cool. I’m perfectly willing to drive, I’d just prefer to not drive alone. I’ll probably have a passenger seat free, too. I was thinking of leaving Seattle midmorning Friday, and returning Sunday evening.

I’ll also be bringing the Mega Tent, and I’ll have plenty of room in there for other people.



I have sent you a pm and e-mail at Jon, John, you and I can transfer our corespondence to e-mail so we can co-ordinate our schedules.


Thanks for all of the incredibly helpful information provided in this other thread.
One more question. You say you want the names, ages, and some other data about each rider. Do you want that attached to a thread (I think not) or e-mailed to you or Dylan (I would think so)?

Harper, If you would email me that would be awesome.

It’s for anyone else wishing to send me information.