Questions about the Nimbus Hoppley and the Sun FT+2 other questions

I’m getting my new uni in December and have decided on probably getting the Nimbus ISIS Trials with KH cranks for like…$317 or something like that and was wondering if the Nimbus Hoppley is better than what i was going for and is worth the extra $50.

My friend wants to start unicycling and wants the best unicycle for the cheapest amount possible. He’s really on a budget and doesn’t think he should spend $20 more for an LX… He wants to know if this unicycle is any good…

Also, if anybody knows if a DX frame will replace the Nimbus ISIS Trials frame and will work, that’d be appreciated.

And do you guys think it’d be a good idea to sell a slightly abused LX for $50???


The nimbus hoopley is much worse than the nimbus isis with kh cranks.

thanks, know anything about the other 2 questions or the other uni, my friend REALLY wants to learn.

That sun would work for learning. The seat will not be the best, but neighter is the lx’s.

The dx frame will not fit the nimbus isis’s frame. The bearing are different sizes although you could get them to fit if you bent them(bearing holders) out and used longer bolts.

That seems like a fair deal to me.

Why would you uses a dx frame instead of the nimbus II

im probably worng, but i thought the Nimbus II was a freestyle? but it doesnt work any way so either way, im with the nimbus II. thanks guys.

The nimbus 2 is a killer trials frame. Nobody break them, really.

i think a good cheap learner unicycle would be the nimbus LX or CX. me and all my close friends learned or are learning on LX’s. they only cost about a hundred dollars or so. check by an LBS see what the sell

i told him he should go with the LX for the extra $20 but he doesnt want to. we only have 2 bike stores and only one has a unicycle which is a crappy trainer