Questions about Street and Trial Unicycles

Hey Unicyclists,

New poster here, so forgive me if I somehow mess up in some way, shape, or form (although I truly don’t know what I could mess up)

That aside, I know there have probably been other threads about this, however I’m sort of making a master list that I can review.

Basically, these are my questions:

What are the main differences between a trial and a street unicycle? And could you essentially interchange them and use one for the other? (if that doesn’t make sense I’ll clear it up in a reply)

What is the best street unicycle that’s reasonable priced? (keep it at or under $450)

If it helps, I’m about 6’ 1" and weigh about 190. I’ve ridden a unicycle before multiple times however if was simply on flatground. I’m basically over the beginner level, however now I would like to begin specializing. I like the idea of street unicycling, however from what I’ve seen, trial is pretty similar.

Could somebody also explain the main ideas and concepts of both street and trial unicycling?

Thanks in advance

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