Questions about some uni parts...

I’m considering getting the Primo The Wall 20" tire ( ) and also the United Delux Non-Marking Pedals ( ) for my Nimbus X. My first question is, are they good coices for pedals and a tire for freestyle? My second question, would the Primo tire fit my Nimbus? If so, what size: 1.85 or 2.1? If they both fit, which one would be best? Finally, if the pedals aren’t the best, what pedals would be good? Remember it’s freestyle, not trials or MUni, so I don’t need pins. Thanks a bunch!

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The Wall is an excellent outdoors freestyle tire. Since you are a small guy, you might try the smaller one first so you have less mass in the wheel. Both sizes will fit your uni just fine.

I like the Miyata freestyle pedals. They are also non-marking, but have a little better grip IMHO.

The United Deluxe pedals are good for indoor freestyle. But they are not so good for outside riding. They don’t have much grip at all. Get any dirt on the pedal or on your shoe and your feet will be sliding all over on the pedal. If you plan to ride indoors they’re good. Outdoors they’re bad.

These Miyata freestyle pedals if you can find them in the US. I got a pair at a convention. Just enough grip without being too much for freestyle.

Otherwise the Miyata pedals that U-Turn linked to are good.

on the subject of pedals, ive had really good luck with the stock pastic ones that came on my torker dx. for freestyle they are a good combo of grip when you want it and release when needed.

they are Wellgo’s but i dont know what kind.

wait a minute, did i just posted in a Tyler thread? :astonished:

Those pedals you mentioned look nice, but I can only live with a black pedal… I’m too picky aren’t I!!! Ok, I’m going to get the Primo tire, but now I need to know what color! I’m pretty sure you know what my uni looks like so you can make it match, but if not here is a link to a pic:

Jagur, I might understand you not wanting to post in one of my semi-useless Just Conversation threads, but when I have an honest, useful question, there is no reason to be that way.