Questions about pedals

I would like some new pedals for trials and street riding, but I have a few questions.

Are plastic pedals okay for street and trials riding, or should I get metal?

Do plastic pedals work well for grinds?

I have heard the term “sealed bearing pedals” before. What does it mean?

Do you absolutly need a grind plate for grinding, or would a pedal with no pins on one side work fine?

Thanks for any help

As far as if plastic pedals are good for grinding the answer is yes. i personally ride with metals primos but when i go to the skate park i switch out the left pedal for a plastic one. you slide a lot easier.
If you get a good pair of plastic pedals then they will be great for both trials and street but if you live in an area where there is a lot of rain then be careful.

ive seen guys ride street with plastic pedals and it worked good for grinding and they seemed to have good grip, as for me id never ride street with plastic pedals because of drops…
i use the butterflys for riding and ive pretty much taken out most of the pins on one side for grinding…they work good for me!!

Oh and I forgot to ask of course, what is a good cheap pedal to get for my needs?

jim c’s, primos, LX’s (plastic).
if you are grinding probably don’t go with the primos but other than that they are good
and sealed bearings means that the bearings are sealed to keep dust and water out.
from what I hear the type of riding most unicyclers do is enough to destroy the bearings fairly quickly.

get either the twisted odyssey pcs or the hoffman soulmates. They are both absulutely great.

odyssey twisted plastics are great. See

the odyessy twisted you pedal grab about 2 times and the plastic pins are gone.

and they are $11

grippy enough, slick enough, slidey enough, cheap enough, strong enough/

Metal jimmy c’s(odyssey) I have them on my ride and they are fantastic!

Is that why pedals sometimes start to rattle a little bit. is it anything to be concerned about?

hehe not really. it can be obnoxious depending on the person. and all you have to do to fix it is tighten the pedal up.