Questions about my Nimbus 29

I just put a new WTB Stout tire on my 29. I’m running 35psi in the tire. It’s rated for 35-65psi.

Since I put the tire on I notice the uni wants to fall to the right. I’ve never had this problem before… Any ideas??

Also, since I’ve started riding riding trails all the time I have a question about seat height. Normally I keep the seat high where my leg is almost fully extended when the crank is down. Do Muni riders usually drop the seat a bit? I’m thinking the added clearance will come in handy when standing and going over drops. Thoughts??


About the leaning… are you riding on a surface sloped to the right?

No… It happens just about everywhere. I may just need to get used to the tire. I just haven’t had that problem before.

Knobby tires on pavement usually ride quite a bit worse than street tires. They’re more comfortable on the dirt. Playing with the tire pressure can make a big difference though. Also make sure the tire is seated evenly all around.

Yes, lower your seat for rough terrain. I ride with the seat at least 1.5" lower on dirt.

Question for you. Could you measure the diameter of your WTB Stout? I’m trying to find measurements for 29" tires that are at or near 750mm and I hear this one is larger. How large? Thanks.

Just put in some more air and it will probably go straight. The rating is just an estimate – the manufacturer doesn’t know your weight.

Thats a good point. I weigh 193lbs… I like to run a low pressure to make the ride smoother but I’ll experiment with it. Thanks!

Check to see if the bead of the tire is even all the way around. It’s where the tire grabs the rim( you may already know that). Sometimes the bead of the tire gets stuck on the rubber rim strip. If so deflate the tire and try again. You can put a little baby powder to make things a little easier.

That will depend a lot on the rim width. If it’s on a wide rim like the KH, it’ll be flatter than on a narrow rim.

John, when I had the stout on my KH29, it wasn’t appreciably larger than either the Exiwolf or the Nevegal. I’m back on the Nevegal now.

You might have more air than you need, too. I run with just enough to keep from hitting rim on the drops on the trail, which I’m pretty sure is in the 24-28 psi range. And I weigh about 5 pounds more than you.

Measured the Stout at just less than 750mm on a nimbus 29er rim. This was just a rough measurement with a tape measure but am pretty sure its under 750mm (on my rim anyway).


Wow, 35psi, that’s a lot of pressure! I’m 200# and I run my 29er at 20# for muni, maybe 25-30 for gravel roads.

I’d consider lowering your seat, that’s always been my problem when I find that I’m steering to one direction or the other.

Also consider looking at your foot placement to be sure that one foot isn’t further out from the crank arm than the other.