questions about grinding

I have just started to lean grinds and I was wondering what kind of obstacle other unicyclits have learned on. Im learning on a sketchy homemade grind box thats not very smooth. I also can not hop or pop out of my grinds. Any help would be aappreciated.

first you need to learn to crank stall very well that will teach you how to pop of. a grind is a moving crank stall.

I’ll go ahead and resurrect this thread. :smiley: I tried a grind today and I got some speed and hit the ledge and the uni stopped dead in its tracks and I went flying forward. I assume the surface of the object you are grinding on has something to do with it? This was a concrete bench. Should I find a metal one or a low rail?

wax it up and have a smooth pedal… then you gotta lean back a bit

obviously didnt skateboard b4 hand did we?

No, I never skateboarded. I also have Primos, which are concave with spikes in them? I take it these aren’t ideal?

primo pedals work well for grinding.

find a metal or plastic bench.

concrete sucks unless it is sloped.

when the uni stops dead in its tracks, it is beause either your tire is rubbing against the side of the ledge, or the concrete is to rough (most concrete is), or as stated you didn’t lean back far enough.

try removing the pins from one side of your pedal

low rails are harder because if you hit them wrong, you’ll get locked in (the rail slips in between the wheel and the crank). This is probably the worst thing you can do to your rim.