questioning the "no hops" movement

Hey. Theres this vid of me outflipping a 3 stair which i kind of hop out of. despite this, i feel like it was in control and it seems pretty smooth to me, since i don’t just stop and it seems to be in good flow. Now i know that its pretty biased, coming from me, so i was just wondering wat u guys thought.
heres the link:
yea ik the quality sucks. thats because it was taken with my friends fone:p

Hmm… If you were in control of it, how come you didn’t ride out of it(as opposed to doing a correction hop)?

Also, it’s okay to hop out of a flip down a 3-set, but when it’s a 5-set or bigger, your ankles(and leg joints in general) won’t be so pro-hop as you may think.

you were in control but i find it just looks better when you roll out. but im no stair hopping expert so ya.

If you were in perfect control it wouldn’t have been more than one small hop.

I thought it looked great. But just as a gymnast wants to “stick” the landing after a big dismount, riding out of a hard trick without any correcting hops shows a higher level of mastery. In a Street competition, if you did that and another guy did exactly the same thing without the hops, he would get a slightly higher score.

However, if you were in a Freestyle competition, you might be able to work in the hops, or a hopping theme, in such a way to make it look like you wanted it to look exactly like that. Then you would get a better score than the other guy (assuming he was doing an identical act, which only works in this hypothetical situation).

Well u c i land my outflips on the cranks so i cant exactly roll out. I could have just as well stopped and got my feet on the pedals and rode away hopless, but i think thatd probably look worse since it would stop the flow.

Learn to land your outflips on the pedals.