what kind of hub and cranks are on this?
just splined, isis, or what

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According to the page you referred to, the hub is “UDC 48 Hole wide.” If you look on their parts pages, the only one matching that description is this one. The cranks don’t appear to be splined. Except for the KH Moments, splined cranks tend to be tubular, multi-part welded-together things. Description of the cranks would appear to be these. I would expect the descriptions on the unicycles with splined axles to mention either “splined” or “ISIS” but that may not always be the rule.

UDC’s description leaves a bit to be desired there.

Onza Tensiles are also machined from a block of aluminum.

This one is a bit confusing. The description is vague but tends to make me think that Foss is correct with what he said…but a cycle like this should logically have an ISIS or splined crankset and hub…square taper seems like a bad choice for a street cycle and makes me think this would be better classified as a glorified ‘urban freestyle’ cycle.

What good is a stronger rim if you can’t land on the cranks without them bending into a pretzel or snapping off/bending the hub?