I have an acquaintance who is looking to sell a super old Schwinn 24"…It’s in rough shape, and needs some help. He is in no position to sell this thing online anywhere and just wants something for it.

I made the mistake of telling him a few months back that he could probably sell it to a uni collector online somewhere, but I didn’t tell him a price because I just didn’t know much about it yet.

I am interested in offering him something for this uni, but what the hell should I tell him? It really is in sad shape, but I think it’d be cool to have layin’ around anyways.

Please humor me, and let me know what you all might do here. I just got into unicycling a year ago, and have bought almost 10 uni’s this year, but I don’t know anything about the old Schwinn stuff. What is something like this even worth?

Some random guy driving by my street saw my sister unicycling and said he learned as a kid and he had a 24" Schwinn he would sell me. He sold it to me for $30. It was in really good shape too.
(that probably doesn’t really help with your question though:o )

It’s really not worth much. I bought one in similar shape around 6 years ago and paid maybe $20 for it. I had to replace the whole wheel before it was usable (cost only about $40); it didn’t have a “modern” 24" rim, but some older measurement (S-5, I think), an odd size with few tires that fit it.

The Schwinn giraffes are still highly sought items as they’re apparently much stiffer than the current crop from the likes of Torker. But others would have to speak to that, as I don’t own (nor desire to own) a giraffe of any type.

Giraffes are pretty collectable, but the 20 and 24" schwinns seem to pop up on craig’s list and Ebay pretty often and don’t seem to go for much more than $50 tops for one in good condition.