This probably seems like a pretty stupid question.

When I was putting together my nimbus I noticed that there was less space in between the wheel and the left side of the frame then the wheel and the right side of the frame. I didn’t think it was a big deal but when I was riding I kept on hitting my left leg on the tire. Is there some sort of way to adjust it?

i think this should help you with your problem.


Seriously, be more descriptive on the subject line.

I read it and I don’t think my problem is the cranks. It’s the gap between the side of the tire and the side of the frame.

ok maybe try putting the tyre on again. Or maybe the inner tube is deformed. I really dont know, maybe you should ring UDC if your worried about it.


Try taking the wheel off and putting it on backwards, is it now closer to the right side than the left side? if so your wheel is dished to the left, you need to tighten the spokes on the right side (and probably loosen the spokes on the left), you might want to get a bike shop to do this if you don’t have experience building wheels.

If the wheel is still closer to the left than the right then your frame is bent, try bending it back or adding shims under the right side.

My N36 came with an especially poor wheel build, it was loose, not true and was dished about 3mm to the left.

and yah like others said try to make your thread titles a bit more specific.

Hitting the wheel is unusual

I rarely do that on my 36. What size wheel do you have? Is your seat maybe to low ?

Posting a pic may be helpful in giving us ideas.

I have read of riders who have found one leg of their uni is longer then the other, causing the tire to come closer to the frame on one side. In that case, a shim made from a cut beer can placed in the short legs bearing holder may help.

You could take a ruler and measure the distance between the rim and the frame on each side. And also spin your wheel and do it again at a different part.

Check the things others listed. You hitting your leg on the tire is more likely do to your technique and being imbalanced between your left/right sides.

lol. He may want to cut a slice from a soda can instead. I have this isue on at least two of my unicycles, I can’t tell the difference while riding them.

First off, thanks for all the replies.

PKHodgie, I don’t really know that much taking apart and putting back together parts or anything like that. After riding it more I don’t think it is a really big deal at this point. If it gets worse or if I notice something else that it is effecting I will call UDC.

harper, thank you for that wonderful post:D

saskatchewanian, I didn’t understand a single word you said(OK maybe a couple)

feel the light, I have a 20" wheel and yes I do have the seat to low

Matt_V, it is 5mm on the right and 2.5mm on the left. Notice that that is not an exact measurement.

and yes, it would be more likely for me to do whatever he was talking about with a soda can since I’m 16

I ride a wheel like this. Don’t worry about it.