Ive been riding for just over a year, and need a new muni, Im looking at a few, and trying to decide which to get. Your opinions and comments are much appreciated.

List of potentials

Kris Holm 24" freeride muni

Wilder 6160C Lightrider with Poznanter/Profile Hub from

DM Vortex

(is there really a need to spend more than a grand on one of the more rugged unis?)

I beat up unicycles pretty bad, just with drops and jumps, so I do need something very sturdy that will last a long time, is the kris holm up for the job? or should I spring for something more exensive?

I’d go w/ the KH Freeride. It’s super good!

The aluminum frame makes it really light, and the hub/rim is comparable to profiles/alex dx 32 (i believe)

The DM and Hunter are so expensive because the frame is hand built. The KH frame is lighter than those because it’s aluminum, and it’s also quite strong

I love my KH freeride, and w/ the money you save compar
ed to a hunter, you can get a magura hydraulic brake w/ steel braided hose ($180)
If you really want the lifetime warranty profile crankset, go for the hunter, but otherwise, the KH will hold up to alot of abuse (6 foot drops and the like)
speaking from experience, my KH is fine after multiple 3.5 foot drops

good luck!

Re: question

I’ve been riding since 1987, and fairly seriously for about the last 4 years. I have 4 reasonable quality unicycles, with minor upgrades, and have a lot of fun and adventures on them. The point being that the enjoyment of this fantastic and varied sport comes from what you can achieve with the equipment you have. When you really need something better, you’ll know exactly what you need.

Re: question

No. Not anymore.

Back in the old days (not so long ago) you’d have to spend over a grand or more to get a good muni but not any longer. Now that KH has quality equipment made in Taiwan things are a lot cheaper.

In the old days you had to get custom equipment. Frames were custom made to fit the big tire. Hubs were custom made to be strong enough. All that custom stuff was expensive. The Vortex is a relic from that era and that’s why it’s so expensive. The KH Pro frames are also a relic from that era.

Get one of the new blue KH munis. You’ll be happy. It’s as good as the expensive stuff.

Upgrades that you can consider are things like a carbon fiber seat and a Thomson seatpost. Or a seat made by Scott Wallis. You’ll still come out well under a grand and have an absolutely fantastic muni. Spend the money on quality upgrades and extras rather than an old relic from the past.

I agree with the KH. It is as good as the vortex, alot cheaper, and looks cool (although not as cool as the Vortex)