ok so i have decided to take on the unicycle so 2 questions for you i way about 350 pound CAN A UNICYCLE HANDLE ME? and 2 what is a good beginners cycle that can handle me? thanks in and advance and i am so excited if i could just even be able to ride normally thanks

Check They are one of the best sources for unicycles and probably have something they can take your weight.

Oh, and if you should happen to have a little excess weight, unicycling regularly will take care of it in a jiffy.

A good quality unicycle will cope with someone who weighs 150 pounds dropping 4 or 5 feet onto concrete. Assuming that you won’t be doing substantial drops in the early phase of your unicycling career, I’m sure that any decent uni will cope with you riding it on a reasonably level surface. Unicycling is a very vigorous activity, and in the first weeks, you will spend more time off the unicycle than on. Good luck.